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Dog with "pokey red bullet" problem...

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Now that I've hopefully passed the censors...

So, a friend of mine has a chihuahua that has a penis problem. Namely, it pokes out when it doesn't need to. Apparently this is actually a spinal issue that has something to do with the nerves that run down there, and is an uncomfortable experience for the dog. She's been trying a number of different treatments, short of surgery thus far. He's been improving.

However...a few months ago when the pup was having major issues it, she told her (original, since replaced) vet that it was still an issue, and if there were other treatment avenues she should be trying. The vet actually suggested that she could sew the penis into its sheath so it didn't protrude, which struck us both as extremely odd. The vet seemed to be approaching it as though it was an annoyance to my friend, as opposed to the dog. "Oh, you're tired of looking at it? Let me sew it up then".

So my question is; to dog owners out there - has anyone had a dog with a similar problem, and had a similar proposal from their vet?
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Obvious question....as he been neutered? If not, then it's not going to stop. If so then take him to another vet. If he's been neutered recently, it could just be the hormones still in his system causing it (my one cat, Gizmo, continued to have the "bullet" reaction for about 2 months until all those hormones were gone. Sometimes it does take time for the body to readjust.
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Some dogs are a little......"happier" than others, LOL. One neutered dog I know has his hanging out about half the time, and it doesn't seem to be uncomfortable for him. Usually it's just a cosmetic thing, and not a serious health issue. Which might be why the vet said she can just tack it in, because that would solve the cosmetic issue (which really bothers some people, believe it or not). But this dog has been diagnosed with a real health problem that's causing it? If so, contacting another vet for an additional opinion would probably be a good idea.
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My grandma has a Chi that is short and fat. His would drag on the ground and get very irritated, it got to a point that she had the surgery done. This was years ago, he is now 14-15yrs old and hasn't had any issues since. She did say that he whined for a while after the surgery, you know that HAD to hurt, poor boy! He looks the same as any other male dog, the sheath is still there, only thing that was removed was either part or all of his penis.

I hope your friends dog doesn't have to have the surgery.Tell her to try asking at http://www.chazhound.com/forums/ they might know more about this - it's a nice forum, not as great as TCS, they do get catty sometimes, but it's manageable.
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I've never heard of such a thing and I can't imagine doing that to a dog.
My Zircon was neutered at 3 months and his lipstick (aka red rocket) will come out when he is excited - say over the possibility of playing ball!

Since this is a medical issue and your friend's vet is already on it I would try to do the least invasive things possible. That means avoid surgery unless the dog is in pain or suffering. Honestly if it is a matter of discomfort that is a shame, but I would think that the risks of surgery to sew it shut would outweigh the potential benefits.
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Ohhh, n/m my grandma did not have it sewed shut... I wouldn't get surgery anyways if the dog isn't in pain either.

My gma's dog was in bad pain, that is why she had to do surgery, his was raw & infected and nothing worked to get it better since he drug the ground.
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