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Not for public consumption

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I bought 3 new cardboard scratchers this morning, and after putting away the groceries, I put them on my little work table, removed the tops and treated them with the catnip packs, and began replacing the old scratchers with the new. I carried out the first 2 and put them in place, then went back to get the 3rd one.

That's when I found that not only had the last scratcher been "removed from public use", I also got "the look" that told me there would be no arguing that point.

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That's right, Trace! You tell him!
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Thats a definate "MINE" Beautiful kitty by the way. I think that pic would be brilliant for advertising the product !!
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What a face!! Yeah, I'd say that's a pretty convincing "Hands off!"
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That cat is adorable!
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Trace sez: "First come, first serve. Back off! It's MINE!!" I would give that handsome boy anything he wanted.
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"UUUUhh, were you lookin' fer sumpin' Dad? 'tsnot here."
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