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If you are looking for another cat, now is the time to adopt or even donate. Read the email I got yesterday…. So sad!! Looks like they are just going to let the animals go to the wild.

Subject: Miramichi SPCA's plea for help

Hello everyone,

Over the past few months I have sent friendly reminders to the group asking for monetary donations for the SPCA. We appreciate all those who have donated, but it is unfortunately not enough. As of right now, we do not have enough money in the SPCA's bank account to pay our employees this month. We are also unable to pay any of our monthly bills, which includes are outstanding veterinary bill. We are faced with the harsh reality that we may have to close our doors. It costs us upwards from 6 to 7 thousand dollars each month just to keep our doors open, this does not include anything outside our normal running costs. Right now we have approximately 2500 in our bank account, a fraction of what is required. We are a non-profit organization who relies on public donations and fund raising to keep our organization a float.

I understand that not everybody has money to give, and that's unfortunate. I do ask however, that if you can give please send it to the shelter or drop it off. If you think about it, if everyone in this group donated just 10 dollars, we would have almost 15,000 which would keep us running for two months. If everyone in this group donated 10 dollars every 2 months, which is only 60 dollars a year it would keep our shelter running all year long. The solution is so simple, but everyone has to participate.

If the shelter does close, think of all the homeless animals that will be wandering the streets, where will they go? Think about the animals at the shelter right this moment. There are close to 90 cats in the building. What would happen to them if we were to close?

This may seem like harsh words, but we are the ones who are being faced with this reality, and we are the ones who personally know these animals and it's our hearts that are breaking. We sit here helpless as there is only so much we can do and it's in the community's hands now to support the Miramichi SPCA. It's out of our hands. We just hope we can receive the support and continue re-homing and saving animals like we have for the past 4 years.

Right now we want the current animals to be re-homed immediately, so if we do close, they are not homeless once again. All of our cats are free to adopt with a 20 dollar donation. There are also several cats in the building not requiring the 20 dollar donation because they have been there for an extended period of time, or they have long-term health problems.

We will continue to fight for our cause, and we are willing to take all the help we can get. We have monthly board meetings and ANYONE is welcome to attend. These are on the second Monday of every month at 7:30 at the Lakeview Inn in New Castle.

Thanks for your support,