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This is what keeps me going. (Pics too!)

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Once upon a time in a far away land called Down Under, a baby kitten came along. He was an orphan but he found a lady who took good care of him.

His nickname was Baby and he began to grow...

and grow! Soon he was ready to go to his furrever home.

At his furrever home, Baby was named Meimo and grew up into a beautiful big boy!

Meimo even found a wonderful friend called Molly and cuddles with her all the time! Molly's nickname is Rat.

___________The End___________

*Edited to spell Meimo's name properly LOL
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Bravo my friend! Bravo for what you do, how it challenges you, how it rewards you and how it tears open your heart at times! BRAVO!
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Such a handsome boy! I wish I had baby pictures of mine like that. Those are absolutely precious!
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Thankyou MA and ditto to you, cobber!

Thanks Ericka!
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Tania, thanks for sharing a story with a happy ending! Too often we have a whole lot of sad tales, and not as many success stories to read about.

Thank you also for all the good work you're doing with the ferals down under!
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Aww! What cute baby pic's!
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What a cutie pie!!
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that's a great story, and really cute pics, too.
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And they all live happily ever after.

Thanks for sharing Tania! It is nice to hear the good stories.
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I love stories like this. Very heartwarming. Baby and Rat are both cuties!
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So sweet. :
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What a wonderful story! Is Baby the kitten in your sig?
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Christy, the very same little sweetheart.
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Oh I love these stories! He's soo handsome and I am glad he has "rat" to pal around with.
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What a wonderful heartwarming story!! You must be so proud to have raised such a beautiful boy.

I can't tell from the picture, but is Molly (Rat) a little dog? Did Baby have dog friends first at your house or only in his new house? Did it take a while before Baby and Molly became friends? I've never lived with a dog and so the friendships between dogs and cats fascinate me.

Thanks for sharing and taking care of wee ones >.<
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That's a purrfect story and purrfect.. well "baby".

Thanks for sharing .. Sam
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Yep, Rat is a dog. Meimo had never even seen a dog until he went to his furrever home. Rat and Meimo became friends pretty quickly and play feral games together and chase each other all over the house. There's a bigger dog, too but Meimo doesn't show much interest in that one.
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How sweet! Thanks for sharing, Tania!

Sometimes when i look at Isys, i am reminded of you. Remember one of your emails? My Isys is like a twin to your Aby baby?

Smiles and Cheers!

p.s. my brother is in Perth now
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How did I miss this story before? It's lovely, thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning!!!

He is a very good looking young furrman!

Love the pics!
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