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Ha Ha Ha Ha

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I'm gonna getcha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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"Me is Superkitty!!!!" I'm amazed at the action shots that some people on this site get- I wish I could do the same!!! (that would require my pets to actually MOVE- unheard of! )

Good shot Chris- they look bigger than the last picture you posted of them. Growing big and strong!
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Verrry cute!
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Brilliant pic! Well done ! My two only move that fast when it's bed time and lights out! So i couldn't get a pic of them!
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This pic gave me a hearty chuckle. My, but they are growing up fast!
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great pics, mine play tag too but I have not been able to get photos, yet.
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Thats so awesome!
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pure luck got that pic LOL.

Seriously, when I take pics of the kitties, I just shoot and shoot. Occassionally I get a shot that makes me chuckle just from shear luck.
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That's so great! I love it!
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That's an awesome shot!
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LMAO!!! That is the best action shot Ive seen!! Your babies are adorable!!
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What an awesome pic! Mid action, mid air, mid major cuteness!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post

Great shot, Chris!
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