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Cat with hard belly

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Hi everyone,
I have a cat, Schweppie, who is probably around 8 or 9 years old. He has a hard belly. He had roundworms back in May but I just did another fecal test on him and the vet said there were no roundworms. He did say there were 'artifacts' of veggie matter and that these were undigested. So I surmised that maybe Schweppie is having trouble digesting veggies. So I've been feeding him mostly canned food which is almost all meat (95% Evo). His belly is still hard. Also, it seems that half an hour after he eats, he will let out a low meow-like sound and then a louder sound like he's meowing but the 'ow' part is extended to 'owwwwww'. So I have been thinking that he is in pain. He doesn't do this as often but if he starts doing the low meow I call out his name and he doesn't do the louder meow. So I'm not sure whether he's in pain or he's just calling for acknowledgement. Anyway, his appetite is normal; he loves to eat and whines for food. He's not overweight; I'm very careful not to overfeed and I don't free-feed. He gets two meals a day, 12 hours apart. Half a can of Evo plus 1/8th cup of Now! grain-free Turkey and Duck. I eventually will eliminate the dry stuff. I think he poohs regularly although not as much as my younger cat. His pooh is kind of tacky; sticky...

So would any of you have an idea of what could be wrong with him? I've searched this forum but most of the posts are about roundworms and the cats have lost their appetite. I would very much appreciate any insight you can give me. I will take him to my vet but would love to know what you guys think. Thank you in advance.
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He could have some kind of blockage or something. I'd get a second opinion from a different vet.
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Cats are carnivores, it's not uncommon for some veggies to pass straight through their system. But I wouldn't expect them to cause digestive problems. When you say "hard belly", how do you mean? I would definitely get a second opinion.
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Cats should not eat vegetables period. They are made to eat meat, their primary source of food is mice small prey and bugs if they live in the wild. The vegetables will bind them up and it just isn't a good idea to give a cat veggies. Hopefully you are not giving the cat cow's milk, that will bind them up as well.

I would get this cat to a feline specialist and have a work-up done. Especially with the new behavior of crying your cat is trying to let you know something is wrong. Good luck
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How long has his belly been hard? If it's just been a few days he could be blocked, which is a huge emergency. He would need to go to a vet now.

I would get a 2nd opinion too, you vet basically doesn't know what it is, right?
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His belly has been hard since May - well, I only noticed it when the vet pointed it out to me. That's when he had roundworms. Now he apparently doesn't have them but his belly is hard; not rounded or pot-bellied, just hard. I guess taut would be a better word. He is urinating and defecating normally; eating; drinking. And I'm not giving him any type of milk. I will get a second opinion for sure. I know that cats shouldn't eat veggies and that's why he's eating the 95% meat Evo. But of course, he's getting sick of it now. I just asked one of the vets at my clinic and he said to try the hypoallergenic/gastro formula. Uh-huh - his response was like clockwork.

Thanks so much for your responses.
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Yes, I too think a second vet opinion would be appropriate.

When I hear about hard bellie = high muscle tonus. It is either someone very musculous, feks a body builder or other athlete. OR some sort of pain in the belly, being in muscle contraction because of that...
Cats are often very good at hiding they are in pain: quite common.

Him having less poo then his pal may perhaps be explained by the food, being almost all animal-products. - It depends on what his pal eats.
Feks cats eating dry food had of course more poo as more goes through undigested.

Good luck!
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It doesn't feel like a tumor is in there does it?
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Hi there,


I seem to be having the same issue with my cat... it seems that she has had a heard belly for a bout 2 years now... I have her on diabetic canned cat food. Have your figured anything out for your little guy??

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Originally Posted by deepaige View Post

Hi there,


I seem to be having the same issue with my cat... it seems that she has had a heard belly for a bout 2 years now... I have her on diabetic canned cat food. Have your figured anything out for your little guy??


Hi, and welcome to TCS :wave2:.  Unfortunately, this thread is a few years old, so you may not get any responses from the original posters.  If you suspect there is something wrong with your cat, have you seen a Vet?  You said she had a hard belly for TWO years?  Does she seen to be in any distress?  Is she diabetic (I am thinking so since she is on diabetic food).  Perhaps you should start up your own thread with specific issues and questions, telling us any changes you have seen in her, etc.

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