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Wasted Vacation

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We've been scraping, filling, sanding and painting the trim outside during our vacation. Well, the weather has been crappy and we often cannot get anything done so it has been going very slowly. Tonight we had a young man that did our roof at our other house come to give us a quote on the roofing we need done and he quoted us on the roof, eaves, downspouts and putting metal over the wooden parts we were painting. We have decided to get him to do it all so we've basically wasted 1.2 weeks of our vacation. It's going to cost us around $9,000 but hubby had saved $20,000 just for such things so now with that plus my new stove and a few other improvements the money will soon be gone and we'll start saving for the washer and dryer.

Anybody want 5 gallons of exterior paint in a slate blue?

I think tomorrow we may just go for a canoe trip and get at least a few days of vacation before we go back to work on Monday.
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Sounds like you need some R&R time. Canoeing will be nice. The weather is supposed to be beautiful all week
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Oh man!!! At least you got together time... Hope you can get away for a couple of days
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Get some RnR, cannoe sounds fun. On our summer vacation we did hernia surgery. 6 weeks of no heavy lifting. At least we did do a lot of real good cooking! You can only sit on your but and watch the food channel for just so long...

Hope your home improvment goes smooth.
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Just make the best of the rest of the vacation. Sorry but can't use that color our our outside. If it was a darker red, we'd take it for the metal awnings that hubby mentioned we'll have to paint at some point in time.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Oh man!!! At least you got together time... Hope you can get away for a couple of days
Bummer, Linda! Hope you can rip a little recreation out of the jaws of reno madness.
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Oh Linda, it can´t be... I hope you can spend those couple of days!

Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
Anybody want 5 gallons of exterior paint in a slate blue?
I do! if you don´t mind to send it to me!..

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That's a bummer, but hopefully you can relax and have fun for the remaining days.
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Well, it's supposed to be nice weather the rest of the week, so I hope you get in a few nice days of R&R.

You could sell the paint on Kijiji I'm sure.
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During all my renovation work here, I have had similar episodes, when work I have done (or even paid to be done!) has all been made redundant by somethin else. It is infuriating and can be expensive. But I agree that you should get on the water and enjoy what is left of the vacation, putting all house thoughts out of your heads.
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