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Fountains: Falling Water vs. Sliding Water

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Do your cats prefer water fountains where the water free falls, as from a faucet? Or do they prefer water that slides down a surface?
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I just got my foster boys a Drinkwell.. and they love it! They use the falling water part AND they drink from the bowl.

Oh, and it wasn't too hard to clean.. .did it for the first time tonight.
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How long are the power cords on those fountains? I'd not mind having one for our cats, but the most convenient spot is a good distance from an outlet.
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I have both and the cats like both, so no help really

Regarding cord length, I have one on an extention cord so I can place it where I like. The others are near outlets, cords are about 1.5m.
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The "sliding water" wins hands down around here. We had a Petmate for years, and made the mistake of replacing it with a Drinkwell, which Jamie only uses for a day or so after I decide to give it to the cat home.
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I've had more luck with the "waterfall" type water fountains. When we had the "water slide" type, 1 of my cats refused to use it. With the "waterfall" type they all use it. We currently have a Drinkwell Original fountain.
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I have the Drinkwell original, and the small Catit (bowl type where the water bubbles up in the middle) and I used to have the Catit with the dome. That broke but my cats loved to drink off of the dome, I dont think I've ever seen anyone except Munchkin drink from the drinkwell stream
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Our cats ignored the Petmate (sliding water) and LOVE the Drinkwell (falling water).

You can use an extension cord to get the fountain to the right place.
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