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Who else wants to share their aches and pains?

I only worked five hours today, kennel work and mowing the lawn on a riding mower, dont know what happened or how I did it but now that I'm home and trying to relax oh boy does it feel like I messed up my back! Every time I relax my shoulders or turn my head I feel a painful pull all the way from my neck to the middle of my back. Oy! I just got a little pop out of it, hopefully it will start to feel better soon. Good grief
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Gotta love those aches and pains, I am in the process of switching meds right now so I know how you feel. My shoulders have been giving what for for a couple days now, and evertime I turn my head it sounds like owh owh owh......I feel for you...
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Haha Ill trade wrist pain, knees, feet, back, hips, and mental pains!! LOL Im a waitress sometimes the physical work isnt the worst part its biting your tongue trying not to beat people over the head with your tray because of their stupid questions or ridiculous requests...Argh!!! Im so happy Im off the next three days!! But then I gotta start all up again on Friday night! Blahhh
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I'll share!

My back is killing me! I did a teeth cleaning on a cat today and for some reason I always end up standing leaning over the table rather than sitting. I knew about 30 minutes into it that I would be hurting tonight!

On a different ache, my knees, wrists, and ankles have been killing me the last two weeks because of the rainy weather. Isn't 21 too young to have joint aches due to weather, ?

Hope everybody's aches and pains feel better
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It is easier for me to share what doesn't hurt

Like Susan, I am also going through med issues right now (withdrawal from one, and starting a new one).... for the past 3 days it's felt like I have the flu times 10

Plus my normal issues.... Yah, it hasn't been nice.

Ummm, my bum doesn't hurt.
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Nahhh 21 isnt too young I think we start falling apart at age 17 lol...our youth just falls away from us!! Im only 24 and I feel like Im a creeky person sometimes...I hurt so bad sometimes I had to get a lap top just so I could sit on the couch and be online at the same time lol its more comfy than a desk chair
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As will I! I work retail, on a cement floor. I've been dealing with back, knee and foot/ankle pain for years, only to get worse at this current job. I finally had enough whilei was doing my moving of my apartment and noticed a sharp main like a hot skewer being run up through my heel into my ankle. I went to the doctor. My arches are flatter than Kansas, and my ankles have pronated so far in they're damaging everything else in my body. To top it off, my feet are narrow. I am no longer allowed to wear my Birkenstocks, sandals, any medium width shoe.

Do you know how hard it is to find narrow shoes? That aren't Granny Shoes? In a store? Lady Foot Locker has them online, but not in stores, a local 'healthy foot' place gave me an attitude. Never going there again. She told me all I need is a shoe with good arch support, in medium width... what does she think I've BEEN doing? I've worn Danskos, Clarks, Birkies, etc... nothing works. I have a pair of custom fitted Swedish Clogs coming my way, but I need an alternate pair of shoes for work. Not to mention other shoes. I did get a pair of open toe from the Clog lady... and I've noticed a difference, jusy while breaking them in.

There's my pain rant. Went a little off course, but it all ties in. When you can barely walk at work, and you have to, it's hard to do your job.

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I broke a toe yesterday! I must have some proprioception issues. I shut the utility room door on my foot - yes, I could see my foot when I shut the door and, yes, I knew it was there but for some reason I shut the door anyways. Sort of like all the occasions I'll shut doors on my fingers.

Originally Posted by RubSluts'Mommy View Post
Do you know how hard it is to find narrow shoes?
It must be one of those things that you can only find if you're looking for the opposite. All the nice dressy shoes I see and would like are always insanely narrow. I have wide feet.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
It must be one of those things that you can only find if you're looking for the opposite. All the nice dressy shoes I see and would like are always insanely narrow. I have wide feet.
Yeah, it is. I can walk into Payless Shoe Source and find tons of medium width, and several wide width. Very few stores carry Narrow. Nordstroms is known for it though, so I'm going to try and fit that into my errands tomorrow morning. Test 'em to see if they carry them in store.

And ouch about the broken toe... I've thankfully (knock on wood) never broken a bone... done darn near everything else to my body, but no breaks.

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Oh my!,..what a thread!.-..
My back is killing me because I cut the grass today the whole garden!...
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