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Kitty cam anyone??

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Does anyone here have a kitty cam?
I want to set one up for my website/blog, but I am not completely sure of the best way to do that... Does anyone here have an active kitty cam? Is it connected to your blog?
I am looking for ideas in equipment type- inexpensive - and also software, memberships, or whatever else I need to make that feed live into my blog...
BTW - we can't post our sites in here, so please kindly email me your blogs with kitty cams.
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I'll be watching for any answers you get I've been thinking I may set one up when we have kittens.
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Yeesh we did it for my litter of kittens and it was such a pain in the butt! There's got to be easier ways though, and I'll be interested if anyone has ideas!
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anyone?? If it is not a kitty cam, just a general livecam?
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I know an American Curl breeder who has a kitten cam, they use it to show the labor and the kittens to grow. When the kittens start moving out of the nest it gets more complicated..
I watched one labor last autumn, it was very interesting and educational too. They don't have a live broadcats at the moment, but I can give the link if someone wants to see. There's a short example video of their latest litter, the site is in finnish and english.
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