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Little one is gone

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I work at a petstore and a women came in yesterday to ask some KRM questions. Is seems her underage cat had 6 kittens but one wasn't doing good. They had been feeding it cows milk, on its back, and didn't know to stimulate it to go potty. Well I gave them some pointers on bottle feeding including to NEVER feed it on its back. They decided that it would be too much work and they were just going to let it die. I told them if they didn't want to bottle fed then I would take it and either bottle feed it myself or take it to the shelter I volunteer at. They brought it to me this morning. The poor little boy was so tiny. He was 3 weeks old but fit into the palm of my hand. I knew he wasnt going to make it. He was so little and was so bony. He had fluid in his lungs and ever so often he would have a horrible breathing attack and buubles would come out of his mouth. I called around to all of the vets but they all said the same thing, just to make his last day as comfortable as possible. So I tucked him into my shirt, right next to my heart and he was so content he purred and kneaded for a few minutes. He lasted a total of four hours before he had one last breathing attack. He passed away in my hands.

RIP poor little man.
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Oh my God... how sad... How can people be so cruel... I wonder how long this little one suffered - probably his whole life.... I am glad he at least got to know love, even if on his last few hours...
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RIP Poor Little Sweetheart
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Poor baby At least you gave it a good, happy last few hours, probably the best part of its little life. That one will be waiting for you at the Bridge for sure.

I wish they'd given him to you a week sooner, he would have stood a chance that way.

People that don't get it need to just not have cats. What position are kittens in when they eat naturally? On their bellies, facing their food. What does mama cat do afterward? Clean them up and rub down their bellies and rear end. Good enough for mama cat and mother nature, good enough for me.

Play on at the Bridge with the other kittens that went too soon, where the mama cats that have gone on before will take care of you, kitten.
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How awful!!!!

The sweet angel will have all the love from the TCS cats already at the Bridge Poor baby

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RIP, little baby.
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Rest in Peace Little One.
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so hard and sad...
RIP little one...
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That's so sad..., but you filled his last moments with love.
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Bless you for making that sweet little one comforted and loved during those final hours. It was your love that lit his way over the Bridge and he's safe and happy now.
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