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Silence is golden; or orange, in this case...

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So, my little orangie, Tiko, is a bundle of energy. Goes from one cat to the next, trying to find a suitable target to pick on, wrestlin' all through the living room with Bayliss, boppin' Rossi in the head, you name it. Tiko's on the prowl.

Here's the funny thing; in the year or so since I've had him (and the previous few months where I spent time with him at another's home), he's never made a peep. Bayliss will squeal and squeak and whatever else while they're playing, but Tiko has never so much as uttered a "mew". Ever.

He purrs, especially on that rare occasion when he wants to snuggle up and do a bit of kneading, but that's all I've ever heard. It's ironic too, because he always has such a stoic look on his face; coupled with the lack of meowing, he's just seems so expressionless sometimes. And yet, the boy has so much character and charisma, nothing could be further from the truth!

Anyone else have a kitty that never meows?
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Rocko doesn't, but its refreshing because Fiona and ReeRee never shut up. I can count on my hand the times I've heard him meow. It's a pitiful noise so I know why he trys not too. He is great at staring to communicate! and he loves to use his paws to get attention. My Mom died laughing when she was over recently. I was sitting down and Rocko comes over not making a peep, looks at me imploringly and puts his paw gently on my shoulder. She couldn't get over how earnest his look was and yet he was so gentlemanly about getting my attention.
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Jordan used to be my silent kitty. He is still mostly the strong silent type, but he does meow now. There are 3 common times, 1 is when he is super hungry, 2 is when he is in a hyper mood (he stands in the middle of the bed & meows at the celeling before taking off like a wild man) the 3rd & most common is when using the litter box. I know this sounds bad, but he has been doing this for a couple years now, and I've talked to the vet about it. It started out as his old meowing with his mouth closed. It was a sound of frustrations he only made while digging. Now it's like he's announcing to the house that he is about to use the box. He will stand in the bathroom, meow loundly, climb in the box, dig & meow, then go. So it is possible your silent man will change as he ages (Jordan is now 6).
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Ramsey never so much as peeped for the first month he was here. Then he caught on to the basic idea around here: if you want something, speak up. He still rarely does it, but when he does it's because he's decided he really, really needs something, or he's REALLY, REALLY mad at someone. Lol.
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