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Small brown spot in eye.

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Well now that Jordan is doing awsome the other cats apparently feel it might be time to step up and start spending some of Mom's money. First I think Maggie might have a mild ear infection. What concerns me more is that Isaac has a small brown spot in one of his eyes. I've been watching it for a month or 2. No change in shape or size, but since it's time for check-ups & shots I will be talking to the vet about it. I was just wondering if anyone has any idea what it might be from? I don't remember him having this before so I'm a little concerned, but at the same time I really can't afford to do all the things I did for Jordan in the past (I took a 15% pay cut 6 months ago & money is a lot more tight than it used to be). Any one ever see this before & have it turn out to be nothing?
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It sounds similar to what my niece has just been diagnosed with, which is like a freckle, but in medical terms it's called a "Nevus".

She's nearly 39, and because her optician has just installed some new state of the art equipment it's picked it up behind her eye.

I don't know how similar they are, but in humans 1 in 25,000 turns malignant, so theres no real panic, but she has to have it checked again next year, but basically it's like watching a mole making sure it stays flat
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Fiona has a lesion on her eye. It was because of the Herpes virus being at an advanced stage and untreated. The optical vet scrapped off as much as she could and was waiting for the rest to fall off. But it never did and she said as long as it doesn't grow and Fiona isn't scratching at it or squinting you can live with it.
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Is it shiny. I know of some eye conditions that cause dark shiny spots on the colored portioned of the eye that looks like patten leather?? hmmm
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Well he's going to the vet on Saturday for his annual exam. So I just have a few days to worry. It really does look like a freckle, but when I looked up brown spots they were all bad things.
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It can be bad but I believe with early detection most things can be treated cost effectively and cured. I hope its something simple that maybe you'll only need some ointment for. You need a break!
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Originally Posted by Rang_27 View Post
It really does look like a freckle, but when I looked up brown spots they were all bad things.
This is why you should never google

Me, the one who always advises against googling didn't, until my sister had for our nieces freckle, then i had her blind within a couple of years but it turned out it wasn't as bad as we thought.

Leave it to the experts
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How old is Isaac? According to my vet, a lot of older cats have changes in the eye, including speckles or spots at times. That you have been watching it and it hasn't changed should be considered a good sign. Definitely talk to the vet about it to ease your mind.
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Isaac is only 5. I think part of my concern is that poor Jordan has has so many problems. I feel like I am blessed that Jordan is not only alive, but is thriving. I tend to be a glass half empty person & I know I think well Jordan made it so am I going to lose a differnt cat instead. It's terrible I know.
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