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Tania? Hey girlfriend how are those babies doing?

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What's the count on those loves now? Did you get all 10 feral babies? Are you sleeping at all?
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G'day MA!

Nope, still only 4. I visited the garden centre the other day and, whoa, they've got about 30 feral cats and kittens Some of them are sick, others look okay but have the runs and some of them are just beautiful looking. I talked a little with Amy, (the lady who works at the garden centre) about trap, desex and release and she's going to see if the Cat Haven will offer a discount for multiple cats to be desexed. I've offered to pay for about 5 desexing operations. It's been really, really cold here at night so I'm hoping the cats find somewhere warm to sleep.

As for my 4 babies, they're doing okay. Becoming a lot friendlier (despite me having to administer various medications to each kitten) but still crackly and sniffly and mitey. The vet basically said to not expect any of then to live but I'm determined not to give up.

How do I know when they're suffering too much and it would be kinder to let them go? I mean, they're all eating well, taking their Wombaroo and a couple are playing a little together but they're still so sick... I'm willing to nurse them all I can and not one has missed any of their meds but it's been a week and I only see a little improvement. I hate seeing them suffering like they are. Two of them wake up in the morning with their eyelids stuck together because of the conjunctivitis and they perk up a bit after I bathe their eyes with warm water and cotton balls and apply the cream but how much suffering is too much?

Just to recap for those not in-the-know, I have 4 feral kittens and each has ear mites, worms, ringworm, and cat flu. Of course, they're on meds for everything plus vitamin supplements but I'd love you guys to send some board magic their way to help them to get better.
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Tania, I admire you so much for not giving up on the kitties. I am sending all the positive energy I can. Hopefully your dedication will be rewarded and the little ones will get better soon.
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Tania were you able to find some GSE? I know you were looking for some in your area. Adding one drop to these little ones bottle could make a world of difference.

About the suffering? You are the one to make that determination. For me, I just watch the body language, and try to make up for the loss of the mom cat. I use warming towels quite often to raise body core temps. I even ask my German Shepherd to let the kittens snuggle near her, but if they have ringworm, then of course that is out as an option. Pet Heating pads, lots of love and when you see them getting so weak they no longer want to take the food- that is when you understand that for the little one before you, the fight is gone out of the heart and the best thing to do is to send it to the angels.

I have had vets tell me in the past that a kitten or a litter won't make it, and many times, the vet has been proven wrong. One cat, I was told wouldn't make it to her first birthday. When she finally was euthanized, she was 10 years old!

Hang in there, and you know how to reach me if you need me-
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Thanks Brenda and MA

The kittens still have fight in their eyes, keeping toasty warm on their heatpad and eating a little food, drinking a little formula and putting on a little weight (they were so so thin). They're blessing me with some purrs, which I love. I give each of them cuddle time and they'll snuggle up on my chest, sometimes for an hour or more. I'm sure this is helping them to trust me (and humans in general) more.

So I'll do all I can to get these little ones better...

I haven't been able to get hold of the GSE yet but will go to a big health food shop near me tomorrow - they should have it. Whenever I order something for them, I'm told, "You can't have kittens! Kitten season was over a long time ago!"
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PS I'll post a pic of them in the next couple of days.
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you can make them into pouch potatos.

Take a pillowcase and fold over the open end several times (like you fold a shirt sleeve up? But you are folding down. When the case is half the size it was, take a soft cord and loop it under the fold, and stitch the fold shut so it holds the rope. You should now have a soft purse. To measure the rope before hand, loop it over your neck and shoulder and mark it so the pouch rests right next to your heart. Fill the pouch with soft bedding, and place the wee ones inside, so they are snug next to you. Take a large shirt and button it over you and the babies, so they stay warm. They go with you everywhere, and your heartbeat calms them.

Good luck Tania pulling for you on this side of the world!
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Love the 'Pouch Potato' idea!

Pssst...don't tell anyone but I love the snuggle time, too, so I can lie back and relax for a bit!
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I'll be keeping your four little ones in my thoughts Tania. Hope they're feeling better soon.
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Hey, girley, joining the good-wishes for the little babies! way to go, sweety!
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I was wondering where you've been Tania! But I happened to ask MA and she told me that you had more orphaned babies who were taking up your time.

Sending positive, healthy energy to the little ones. They are in quite good hands now.
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Thanks for the good wishes y'all. Please keep them coming - these little ones need all they can get!

Heidi, I love how you said 'quite good hands'. LOL I'm still learning, I always will be and one day, if I'm lucky, I might be as good at this as the Feral's Angel over there.
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