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Update on Gabby

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Well, we've been having some issues with Gabby's leg and it looks like the best option is going to be amputation.

A little bit of background info:
We adopted Gabby approximately 2 months ago from a rescue who works closely with the vet clinic I work at. When she was born, her mother got a little bit too agressive and bit off part of her back right leg along with her umbilical cord. Her mom then abandoned her and her litter mates in a garage. The owner of the cat rescue bottle fed Gabby until she was able to find a surrogate mother. Her leg seemed to be doing really well for a while. She picks it up when she walks, so it doesn't interfere with her balance too much.

Well, recently, she attempted to jump from the top of the recliner onto the kitchen counter, missed, and landed on that leg. There is pretty much no padding whatsoever to protect her leg. It is basically bone and skin, no muscle or anything. Ever since this accident, we have been having nothing but problems and it is extremely sensitive (she won't even let you touch it without screaming ). So for now she has to have it bandaged and she'll be getting x-rays tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about putting her through another surgery since she just got spayed, but I know that once they amputate it she'll feel A MILLION times better.

Just thought I'd give you all an update.

Oh, and besides the leg issues, she's doing wonderful! Growing fast and getting prettier by the minute.
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aww, poor girl! for a quick recovery
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Good luck with the surgery!

She is a gorgeous girl, and it sounds as if you've done a great job with her. Please send us another update when you're ready.
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Ouch - poor baby!!!
Many vibes for a successful surgery, and quickly recovery!
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Sorry to hear about needing surgery, thats never fun. What part of her leg is missing, the bottom or a hunk of it, any pics of it? She sounds precious.

Many that surgery goes well & she heals fast!
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So Gabby had x-rays taken today. The x-rays were very interesting. Basically, her bones in her back leg are backwards and oddly shaped. Her knee cap is also way out of place. The vets will be showing the x-rays to the radiologist to see what he thinks. We'll probably end up amputating it just below the hip.
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Oh, poor baby! for everything to go smoothly.

She is gorgeous BTW!
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If it's any help - we've had a few cats who have been missing potions of their legs at the shelter....without the paw pads the bone inevitably comes through the skin - so we have done 3 - 4 amputations in 2 years with success & limited recover problems.
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Aw, that's sad about the xrays. that surgery goes well!
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