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Paw Points?

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Who else here "collects" those paw points.. LOL Im a newbie at this one.. I only have 1, 3 point, thing.

Does any other company do any thing similar to this?
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Whats a paw point?
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A Paw Point is something that Fresh Step Litter is doing.
You collect the paw points and then you send them in and you get free stuff of your choice.
You can get Free Litter, Safe Steps Donation, A kitty Nest, And Or a Cat carrier.. all free ( except shipping and handling on the kitty nest bed, and the cat carrier.. which is only a few dollars..)
To learn more about it Go to FreshStep.com

And you dont need "that" many points..
considering you get three points, on just one, on a 21 pound bag.
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Friskies was doing this, something similiar to it anyway. You joined their club and saved the labels of the food cans and sent them in and they would reward you. If you go to www.friskies.com and join their club they guide you through this. (If they are indeed still offering it)
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Petco has a program if you get their "Paws" card (it's free), if you have the cashier scan your card when you make purchases, you sometimes get discounts, plus it automatically records what you are buying...when you buy 10 bags of the same brand/size of dry food, you get a coupon in the mail for one free bag of that food. Since we use the 20 lb Nutro bags, that coupon is worth $24 each time!
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I collect the "paw points" too. Royal Canin also has a free food program. I have gotten a ton of free food from both Royal Canin and Fresh Step. I will now be looking into the Friskies one. I wish they would advertise this stuff better! Thanks for the info!
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