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Old fur verses new fur

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One of my furbabies (Simba) is a dark gray cat with several thick layers of fur. Every spring, I have the same problem...the new fur comes in and the old winter fur loosens and gets stuck in wads underneathe. I can't brush him, it's too thick. And when I try to comb him, there are so many tangles he cries and bites at the comb. Sometimes he misses the comb and gets skin!! OUCH!
Does anybody have any painless suggestions for getting this old winter coat off him without having to shave him completey?


Cameo >^..^<
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But I will share with you anyway what I have to do with Bartee. First, I just got him used to being combed, brushed, handled, whatever it took. When he got used to this, I started rubbing him all over with my hands, making a game out of it. (Boy the scratches I got!) Once he was used to this, (okay here comes the nuts part) I took a big handful of Crisco shortening, the solid white kind? And I rubbed it all over him, especially under his armpits where the mats seem to congregate. Yes, now you have a slick sticky kitty, but this is when you take the brushes and combs and you just comb the heck out of him. Once you have removed all the winter hair and the mats, take a warm dry towel and towel him dry. Works like a charm! I got the idea awhile ago because my horses love to rub against sappy trees, and Crisco cut the sap down in minutes and was easy to brush out. Then you wash your brushes and combs in Dawn detergent to cut the grease. Good luck, and let the little white men know that I am ready for my rubber room now!
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Cameo !

Welcome ! thought i would move this here for you, so, it will get more attention.

i wish i could help you, but, i am clueless on this one
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Hissy, that sounds like it would work. Of course I have never tried that one. Wouldn't you want to bathe the cat too? I couldn't have anyone running around the house all greasy. Which actually...When I bathe the cats for a show..the first thing they get washed with is a cup full of water mixed with a squeeze of dawn..it's a great de greaser
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and the dry toweling, the bath is not necessary. The cat will groom himself back to his beautiful fur, and the process works quite well- though you need help depending on the cat.
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Thanks Hissy for your suggestion. Yes, it sounds crazy, but if it works...then it's NOT really crazy, right? I'm going to try it anyway. I was thinking it was messy too, but it might be good for hairballs if he licks himself clean. He's the only cat I have that isn't wild about the hairball remedies (that sticky goo that tastes like malt.) So, he'll probably get really mad at me now. Oh well.


I haven't figured out how to use those cute smilies yet.
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Crisco? I love it!! I have one persian that is a b**ch to brush. I can hardly wait to try this on her!!!
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Do this in a very small room, because until you towel them dry with warmed towels from the dryer, you will have a slick greasy kitty. Keeping the cat in the small room until you are completely done is a lot easier and saves your furniture from greasy skid marks. LOL
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here is a helpful link regarding the use of Smilies

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If kitty is prone to hairballs, start adding a small amount of cod liver oil to the food. I only feed dry (unless a kitty is sick) so I just mix the dry with a little bit of the clo and feed it to the cats. It helps with digestion, as well as cutting down the amount of mats in cats hair.
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Hissy, the cod liver oil is an excellent suggestion. It contains both omega 3 plus omega 6 fatty acids. Your cat's coat will shine like glass!!
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