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do kittens teeth (bite)

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heres a pic of Rukus when he was around a month and a half

he is now around 4 months and like to bite everything, pretty hard sometimes too. im just curious if kitens teeth and thus the biting. any insight would be appreciated.

on a side note the little guy never uses his claws, i dont think he has ever scratched me 1 time. he looks innocent in the pic but when he awakens he is a holy RUKUS.
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Yes indeed, kitties do lose their baby teeth and he's just about the right age to be teething. Get some of the big fat plastic straws and throw some around the house for him to chew on. When one gets chewed up, toss it out and give him some more.

PS - he's a handsome fella!
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Yes and they bite hard when they are young. I managed to save one of Seti's baby teeth when it came out on my arm. I know, I'm weird, but I don't have kids to save their teeth so I have to compensate!
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My new kitty Squeak bit my leg hard the other night when I was in bed and under the sheet. My auto reflex launched her about 10 feet across the room. It wasn't her fault, but it HURT and left a big bruise!
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