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Daily Thread: Tues. Aug 11

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It would seem that the lovely Miss Nat is mia this morning....

So good morning.

It's finally looking like a better day for me (however I've only been up for 40mins now so that could change at any time).

Weatherwise: might be able to shut off the AC today The humidity is supposed to drop tonight. Daytime high of 25, humidex 35....evening of 19 with no humidex listed.

My pool busted today, so if I can, I am going to go look for another.... doubt I'll find one this late in the season tho.
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Morning All!!!

Overcast with severe storm warnings for this area right now. I can hear the thunder heading this way so looks like we'll be in for a storm shortly.
Very high humidity today.

Have several errands to run later this morning, doctor, drugstore, library etc.
Then some stuff to get done at home. I been slacking a bit the last couple of days so things have pile up a bit.

The kitties are good, there are some town employees trimming trees across the street so that has them occupied at the moment..

Hope everyone has a great day
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Still prepping and painting outside trim on the house. Yesterday I did clean my stove including the oven. My stove is very old and does not have a self-clean oven so I have to keep on top of it or it gets very hard to clean. My daughter's friend was over and they were baking cookies a couple months ago and she said, OMG, I've never seen an oven that clean!

Now the fun part is, I've ordered a new stove which is being delivered on August 21st and they are taking away my old one. Hubby said why are you bothering to clean it and I told him I didn't want them to see a dirty stove.

I'm both excited and nervous of the new stove. I broke down and got the flat surface top and I'm really unsure if I'm going to like it. I have a lovely cast iron frying pan my dad got me many, many years ago and I will no longer be able to use it.
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Good afternoon... today is my hump day, as I have only a 3 day work week! Yay! Going up to Sonoma County, leaving bright and early on Thursday morning, or dark and early as the case may be. I can't wait!

Had a busy morning at work for a change.. and I think I will head to lunch soon.

Nothing planned for tonight except I have to think of something to make for dinner... maybe veggie quesadillas, I have ingredients for that and I can use the toaster oven instead of the regular oven. Yeah!

OK definitely getting hungry thinking about that so I'm headed for lunch. Have a great afternoon!
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
Hubby said why are you bothering to clean it and I told him I didn't want them to see a dirty stove.
I would totally do the same thing.

Originally Posted by DarkMavis View Post

Nothing planned for tonight except I have to think of something to make for dinner... maybe veggie quesadillas,
Yum Yum. We are having chicken ones tonight. I have been dying all day for them.

Good late afternoon. DS has been napping most of the day so I have been running around cleaning. I guess he is making up for the last 3 days where he didn't nap much.

It's another horrible day outside. Actually it's nice for 5mins before you realize it feels over 100. There has been a nice breeze. The next few days will be cooler but with rain
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Well I have today off so I spent the morning shopping. I've been needing a new kitchen table for a very long time, so I went to a furniture store where I found a table and chairs that I really like. I need a little time to think about this purchase, but I expect I'll go back to the store tomorrow to pay for the furniture and arrange for a delivery date.

After that I went shopping for new clothes!! I picked out a couple pairs of pants for work and about five new tank tops for at home. When I was in the clothing section, I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing that I almost didn't notice one of my co-workers who was also shopping. Sweetie is really hard on his cat toys, so then I tried to find some new toys for him, but the store only had a small pet section, and I didn't see anything that looked interesting or that he doesn't already have.

And now I really don't have anything else planned, but I probably do a little cleaning at home.
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it is cold and damp feeling today. It makes my fibromyalgia worse. I managed to get the bathroom clean. I am too sore to do anything else. I am making tacos for supper.
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