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Daily Question: Aug. 11, 2009

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Easy one: Coffee or tea?

and what kinds do you prefer? (brands/type ex. ground or instant coffee, flavored or dark roast, etc)
What time of day do you drink your hot beverages?

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Definetly coffee for me, first thing in the morning when I rolld out of bed (try to make it the night before so I just have to plug in the coffeemaker ). Right now its Kirkland dark roast but I will try a new brand when this one runs out.
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My hot drink is hot chocolate. Never did like coffee or tea.
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Tea, and lots of it! I drink it from first thing in the morning and throughout the day to last thing at night.
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Actually neither, I never drink coffee and occasional drink Herb Tea. I do drink hot chocolate at least once a day though
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Wow, that is any easy question! Coffee--all day, every day; no flavors, no whips. no lattes, just plain old coffee. I buy my coffee at Aldi's; DH told me ages ago that it was actually Hill's Brothers, but I don't know if it still is.
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
Easy one: Coffee or tea?

and what kinds do you prefer? (brands/type ex. ground or instant coffee, flavored or dark roast, etc)
What time of day do you drink your hot beverages?

Strong coffee with real cream.
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as well Lee noticed to us, Happy 4,000!... keep that way my friend!

Back at the question my friend....

BOTHS I really love it till death!... but the majority of times I drink Coffee!...
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LOL, I didn't even realise that I hit 4000.

I like both coffee and tea, but must have my morning coffee. I usually use instant for it.

I do enjoy a med. roast ground, as well as certain flavored coffees.

Teas: I enjoy some herbals, a nice cup of Earl Grey....

But I've found since quitting smoking, I really have to limit my caffiene intake.

I used to drink 5-8 cups of coffee a day, now, 1. The odd time I will have 2, but any more than that and I will be very jittery
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Coffee: I like lattes and cappucino's. However when I started dating my BF, I tried coffee with milk and sugar or splenda to my liking and now I love coffee! Usually a medium roast is good. Right now we are drinking Folgers.

Tea: Japanese green tea is my #1 choice. If I'm not feeling so good, then I'll try some mint tea too.
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Coffee, coffee and coffee. I use Tasters Choice instant at home because I'm the only one that drinks coffee and it would be a big waste to brew a pot for myself. At work I have Van Houtte's 100% Columbian.

Hubby and I have started drinking some Chinese teas that we've been purchasing from the Farmer's Market. The Chinese lady has teas that supposedly help different parts of your body. I have one for digestion at the moment and another that is supposed to be good for the lungs. We've been having those in the evening. We have also tried some of the other like spearmint tea and licorice tea. The licorice tea is quite sweet. Very nice.
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Im with gemlady, I dont drink either but do enjoy a good hot chocolate
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Originally Posted by Februa View Post
Im with gemlady, I dont drink either but do enjoy a good hot chocolate
I've been searching for a good hot chocolate for the winter months but cannot seem to find a good tasting one. What do you use? I end up making my own cocoa but it's a bit of work and I'd love a quick hot chocolate occasionally.
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Coffee! I'll drink a pot black by myself in the morning, preferably strong enough that it crawls out of the kitchen and taps me on the shoulder to let me know it's finished brewing. I might fix a small pot in the evening if I can't sleep, with a bit of milk and sugar it puts me right out. Yup, I'm a total caffiene addict!

My preferred brands are Starbucks Sumatra or Folgers Black Silk, but those are what I get for birthday gifts. Unless it's on sale I drink Walmart Columbian.
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I'll drink tea but coffee's my favorite. Right now I'm in a phase where I MUST have Chicory in my coffee. Until I had my ulcer I drank my coffee black, now I drink it with cream in it.
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If cost were not a concern it would be Fair Trade Jaimaican Blue Mountain whole bean.
Since cost is a concern, it's mass produced whatever is on sale, with a pound of something good lurking in the freezer (Kona last go around).
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Primarily coffee. Dark roasts: some of the Starbucks ones, also a few local roasters (Saltspring, Kicking Horse, Bean Brothers) who use only Fair Trade beans -- of those, whatever is on sale, because they are all good. I drink it black at home, because Rob does and it's too much nuisance to keep cream just for me. I really like it black, but I also really like it with cream (preferably 18%) and a little sugar (preferably demerara). I have it that way in the office, because the people who share the pot like it that way, too, so keeping the supplies is easy. It's a different beverage. I don't drink coffee before I have at least a little food, but then I enjoy it until lunch time. After noon, I'm mostly not interested in coffee, unless it's a cappuccino or after dinner, but those are pretty rare.

As for tea, I really enjoy it for a change, but seldom think of putting it on myself. I like Earl Grey best of the black teas, and enjoy some herb teas, particularly some of the Celestial Seasonings offerings. Not interested in tea before mid-afternoon.
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I like both, I coffee the most. I buy the whole beans grind them fresh. Just cream in it
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It has to be coffee for me, I can't drink tea it tastes yuck!

I will drink any coffee that is going, as long as it has milk and two sugars in it.
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Coffee for me and I like dark roasts. I purchased a Keurig coffee maker a couple of years ago and I really love it since I can make coffee one cup at a time so there is no waste. When I use my own coffee, I make Chock Full O' Nuts. Otherwise I use K-cups which are already filled with a specific coffee and you just touch the button and walla, you have a perfect cup of coffee.
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I love coffee!! However, it does not make me hyper or super awake, but I wish it did at times... like every morning when I am half asleep til about 10 or so..

At work I drink Kirkland Dark Roast from Costco, I really like it actually. I LOVE strong dark coffee.

At home I will usually get whatever's on sale but always french/dark roast and whole beans. Eight O'Clock French Roast beans are really good. Again, I make it strong.

No cream. Just a tiny bit of sugar. You know at this point I probably use about 1/4 tsp of sugar per mug, I might as well stop the sugar altogether!
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I don't drink either. But I do drink too much Pepsi!
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I like both, but I tend to drink more tea than coffee. I have to be careful with coffee because I'm sensitive to some of the fillers they tend to use...they give me wicked headaches.

I LOVE Teavana teas. I have an extensive collection...both at home and at the office. If I had to pick a favorite I'd probably have to go with Earl Grey White, but there are tons of them that I love.

For coffee, I prefer the expensive fancy espresso drinks. I know they're too expensive, and they're not real coffee, but I like them anyway.
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Coffee in the morning, sometimes afternoon if I can get someone to go out for it.

I like my coffee to taste like coffee, a bit on the strong side, milk no sugar.

Never instant. yuk I can remember when I was at home. Mother would some times run out of ground and try to fool us with instant in the pot. I could always tell the difference.
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Coffee with cream in the morning to wake me up. Iced tea all day long. I don't care for carbonated beverages, so iced tea is my cold drink of choice. If I'm craving something sweet, I like Lipton's raspberry iced tea.
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Colombian coffee. Right now I am on a hazelnut creamer kick.
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Coffee or tea? Tea!

Though... favorite hot beverage of choice is a hot chocolate, and even better if the hot chocolate has a hint of nutty flavor.
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
Easy one: Coffee or tea?

and what kinds do you prefer? (brands/type ex. ground or instant coffee, flavored or dark roast, etc)
What time of day do you drink your hot beverages?



I don't make my own, but Starbucks makes good coffee (in my opinion), and when I'm in the mood I usually get a caramel frappuchino, they are just so good! I love coffee with flavors and syrups and whips and everything bad for me, LOL. It just tastes delicious! Plain coffee is so boring.

With tea, if I make it at home it's usually just with a regular tea bag with some milk and sugar I love other types of teas but I don't know names
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I love both, but I'd have to say coffee simply because I HAVE to have it every morning.

I like Folger's Classic Roast if it's just basic coffee with a little half and half. If I'm getting fancy and using my espresso machine or my automatic grinding coffee machine (yes, I have three coffee makers....sad, I know ) I like a variety of the Starbucks beans. Usually something around medium roast, not a huge fan of the darker roasts.
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Well, I must say, I'm quite happy when there's 3pgs of responses to the Daily Question

re: Starbucks.... I wouldn't even know WHAT to order there LMAO.

I go to Timmy's: XL double milk, one sugar. And if I've been good, the odd time I will have a french vanilla cappincino (just a medium).
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