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And Now entry advice...

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Okay, so wow, I found out I can enter online just like the dog shows, cool! So I created an account (Eclerk). I see that there's already 1 HHP entered and 183 total spots left; so it is time to decide what to do! Naturally at first I thought go full-boar and enter both days since it is close to home. Now I'm thinking that may be foolish if she hates it or if I hate it (doubt it), or if my dogs feel a bit neglected the long weekend. Do you think maybe I should enter one day only? Maybe Sunday only and go Saturday as a spectator for a couple of hours? Or vice versa? Whatcha think? This is an ACFA show....so do I enter the HHP class, b/c doesn't kitten imply purebred? Whatever I "name" her on this entry, can that name be changed later? Like if I just put Gigi now, but later decide I want Gigi Girl or something say (just an example), am I allowed to change it? I just imagine there must be 100 Gigi HHP's out there, that's why I keep thinking about a longer name (without much success!). Do I sound confused enough for you? I know I should get the extra cage space. What else? Any advice appreciated!! Off to bed...will deal with the entry tomorrow night I guess. Thanks!!
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I only know how to enter CFA and TICA shows.
Enter the HHP Class.
Kitten is purebrd.
You can try to days.
Cleos first show was 2 days.
Do you have a link to the website for the show?
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I show mainly ACFA (so ask any questions you want....lol) (and show CFA too).

Go ahead and leave it the 2 days - I've only had one cat that I had to pull because she didn't like it and lost out on the other rings.

Kitten, Championship, Alter are all for the purebreds. HHP is for household pets and doesn't matter if they are kittens or adults. If your kitty likes it and you do well, you can register her later and change her name. IF she does very well, you can fill out registration papers at the show and then also put in a correction slip for the catalog in the name you choose. You'll then qualify your cat for regional/national awards.
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