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My day just gets worse

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First, I had horrible abdominal pains last night. I first thought it was gas but kept vomiting anything I took for it. So around 1 AM I headed for the emergency room. My mother came with me - she thought it was appendicitis and I was then thinking ovarian cyst. My greatest fear was no matter what it was that I would require emergency surgery. The doctor was thinking it was diverticulitis and sent me for a cat scan. That got delayed when I thew up the barium I needed to drink for the procedure. It turned out to be something totally different - kidney stones and a UTI. All I wanted to do by this point was go home and feed my cats. They usually eat around 6 AM and it was 9 by this point. I was so sick last night I didn't even clean out the litter boxes so that needed to be done as well. My father offered to drop the prescriptions. I told him to go to the pharmacy next to the supermarket because I knew they took my insurance. I went to pick them up this afternoon and they weren't there. He took them to the pharmacy he usually goes to! He claims I didn't tell him, which isn't true. I was freaking out, and then I found one of the prescriptions was over $85 without insurance. Thankfully this pharmacy did take my insurance but it took a while to process it. Then I discovered a leak in my break line in the car so that has to get fixed tomorrow. I'll be glad when this day is over.
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Passing a kidney stone is one of those illnesses where first you're so sick you think you're going to die, then you're so sick you don't care if you die, and finally you're so sick you're afraid you might not die.

Terrible pain. I understand why you were vomiting!
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Bless your heart, kidney stones are awful and to have to drink the contrast on top of that. I hope you feel better soon. I've been thru it and I know it's no fun.
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