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My cat growled while pooping

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My cat started to growl while she was pooping in her litter box. She was also peeing outside of the box, right next to it. Since we've had behavioral issues in the past, it was a toss up whether to take her to the vet. However, since the growling was fairly new and she seemed to be throwing up more than normal - we took her in.

The vet determined that her anal glands were swollen and potentially infected. They cleaned out the anal glands and provided us with an antiobiotic.

Zoe has been a lot happier than normal. I don't know if the peeing was behavioral or not because I put tin foil down next to the box so she wouldn't pee there. So far it seems to be working.

The vet said the anal gland issue was more typical of dogs....so recently my indoor cat has had this and ringworm for now apparent reason....something strange is going on.
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The anal gland issue is apparently far more common, and noticeable, in dogs - but my little girl was just treated for anal glands that were just starting to be a bit infected. The funny part was there were no symptoms at all that I knew of - she's my perfect little litter box user. Good job you visited the vet!
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I'm glad the vet found out what the problem was. I hop it heals and does not come back.

I just wanted to throw out there that if the problem continues to occur repetively please ask the vet about constipation / blockages....the reason I recommend this is my cat was being treated for over 2 years for enlarged anal glands. Finally the last time she had the symptoms (which was every 2-3 months) I took her to another vet for another opinion. The vet immediately did not think the problem was her anal glands as they were not very swollen. But he did feel a huge blockage (backed up stool) that he had to get out by putting her under anasthesia. Over the next couple of months she was severly constipated and had to get several enemas. Now she has been diagnosed with Feline Megacolon. So my original vet was treating her for the wrong problem from day one. And this may be the reason for the progression to Megacolon???

I wish you the best of luck
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Anal gland issues in felines is not that abnormal. Yes, dog anal gland issues are far more likely, but many veterinarian overlook feline anal glands. Up until recently (and maybe still with vets graduating in the 80's, 70's, 60's, etc.) it was debatable whether cats even had anal glands.

The effect full/impacted/infected anal glands can have on a cat's health and overall well being is amazing. A lot of the times vets will have run hundreds of dollars worth of diagnostics trying to figure out the reason for a cat's discomfort and it's simply their anal glands are full.
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My cats have never had infected anal glands, but Levi's often need to be expressed. The vet showed me some time ago, and I just monitor him. I can always tell when it's getting to be time because I can smell it when he curls up with me at night.
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