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Low fat / low cal desserts?

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I have lost a few pounds and i feel great in my body now. I dont know how much since i stopped looking at pounds about 6 months ago and started going by how i feel looking at my body. Anyway, i have become obsessed with desserts... especially chocolate covered strawberries, i think those are going to be my downfall. I have been eating them at least 4 days a week and at least 10 at a time.

I always crave fruity, chocolate things in the summer, but i dont want to gain any weight!!

Does anyone have any really yummy recipes they would be willing to share that wont pack on my bootay? LOL

Thanks all!
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Try eating as much fresh fruit, by itself, as possible? That's the easiest way to avoid all the extra calories found in actual desserts.

As for your chocolate covered strawberries, don't eat as many and try using dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is healthier for you.

Other than that, don't try to completely avoid those desserts - you know how it is if you try to avoid something, you want it more. Watch the calories per portion size and make it up by burning more calories off.
I love sweets and plenty of other things, but never eat large portions (no point in making one's self miserable). Aside from occasionally losing weight from illness, this eating style has kept me from really changing my weight in the last 10 years or so.

I tend not to bake many desserts -so I don't have any recipes to offer. Too much trouble when raw fruit is just as good or better.
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instead of using chocolate use chocolate yogurt maybe?

Or make a banana split with low fat frozen yogurt
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