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Hi, I went to the vet back in March because I just noticed this cyst like small lump on my cat. He said he couldn't say for sure what it was and I decided I'd watch it to see if it changes. My cat is female and 14years old. DOES THIS LOOK FAMILIAR TO ANYONE?
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Does it feel completely round? Can you move it around with the skin or is it attached to the bone?

It looks a great deal like what my Abby has on the top of her head. It started off really small and is now about the size of a canned chickpea. I figured it was just a benign cyst but for my own peace of mind I took her to the vet a few months ago. The vet did an aspirate of it and confirmed that it was a "Benign Epidermal Cyst" which is what I suspected.

Ask your vet if that's what your kitty has.
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Hi, thanks for the response. It's actually slightly oval shape and doesn't feel attached but rather can move with the skin. I took her to the Vet and he couldn't say for sure. I didn't want to put my cat through anything if it's nothing (she doesn't handle the Vet or other people very well).

I think i'll take her back very soon to get it aspirated.
Wish the Vet could say what it was for sure.
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