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Happy FathersDay

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Happy FathersDay to all of our dads with 2 legged kids and especially 4 legged ones

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I'd like to dedicate a post to my Grandpa. I dont have a real father because he left us so my Grampy is my daddy. Wishing him a happy father day ! LOL

And to everyone elses fathers, on their special day!
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Happy Father's Day to my Daddy, from his youngest daughter! And Happy Father's Day to all the great Dads who might be reading this post.

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Happy Father's Day to my Dad. It's been a long time, but I am sure you are busy chewing God's ear off these days. I love you.
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Happy Father's Day. I have three to honor: my dad, Bill and this is Mark's first Father's Day. I even got Bill a card, from the dogs!
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I want to dedicate this post to my new Husband. My 25 year old daughter(by a previous marriage) really surprised him this morning. She came and gave him a gift and a card for father's day. (I am so proud of her for that)

Since I am not able to have children anymore this really meant a lot to him. He has no children of his own.
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Happy Fathers Day!

This morning my Dad had to leave for work (he's a trucker) very early, so I didn't get to wish him a happy one. But, I did leave his card right by the coffee pot...I knew he wouldn't miss it there!

The card I got him was really cute!
On the front it said:
To the guy who taught me everything I need to know about Handtools!

On the inside:

Which is: Hand the tools to you and step back!

That card fit my Dad to a T!

Anyway, Hope everyone is having a great Fathers Day!
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Shell, that's the same card that I gave MY dad, last year! This year, I gave him a Garfield card. It had "Thank-yous" all over it.

Inside, it read, "And you thought that being a dad was a thankless job!"
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I'm getting together with my dad and grandparents tonight for dinner. My grandparents are visiting from Rhode Island. I saw my mom's dad today for lunch.
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