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Don't know what to do!

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To be honest I'm not sure where this thread belongs, but I'll try here.

As some of you know, I have a pregnant stray, Misty who is about to give birth. The vet has been saying it's imminent from Thursday (It's Sunday here now) and advised me to separate her from my other stray boy, Stevie, which I have done. Misty is in the cat's room and I've taken Stevie's litter tray out and closed the door, separating them.
I'm just worried because they really loved eachother so so much, and Stevie is really pining for her, lying outside the door and crying until you take him away for a cuddle. They've been separate now for 4 days and Misty still hasn't had her kittens. She tends to go through periods of scratching or banging at the door and crying, although if I go to her and sit with her she's fine and calm and sleeps in her box or in other areas in the room, then sometimes on her own she just layes or snoozes near the door.

Partly I'm afraid they'll lose their closeness and also I don't want to stress both of them out.

My question is, I understand she needs to be away from him to give birth, but would it make a difference, would it cause her to delay if I let her wander around when we're home and keeping an eye, or just for an hour or so so they could hang out?

Please help somebody because I feel so guilty about separating them especially as this birth is taking longer than anticipated!
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It wouldn't be a good idea to let Misty out of her room while she is so close to delivery. Instead, I would let Stevie into Misty's room for supervised visitation.
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The last time I had a pregnant cat in the house, it was a stray that Fred brought home. They were very close, so I did not separate them. Fred stayed in the basket with her before she gave birth, and stood by like a nervous father while she was having the kittens. He would lick her face when she would cry, and it seemed to comfort her. After the kittens came, he would watch over them when she went to eat and potty.
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It would depend on the cats actually. Is Stevie neutered? That would be my first concern. If he is, I would follow Sandie's advice and let him into the room where Misty is for supervised (short visits) Take two towels that you don't care about, and rub both cats, one with one towel and one with the other, and just give Stevie's towel to Misty, and Misty's to Stevie. That will help calm them.

This may not be possible, but I have done this in one room and it works out well. Taken the door off the hinges and installed a screen door instead, so the cats can see each other, and smell each other, but the mom and the kittens stay safe.
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Stevie is due to be neutered on Tuesday. Misty is quite close to giving birth and Stevie is really pining, I may try to bring them together on your advice in her room and hopefully they'll be ok. He is at the moment lying outside her room, and I can see her shadow under the door, do it looks like she's smelling him too.

The towel idea is really good Hissy, I'm going to go give that a try right now!!

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I would NOT put them together right now at all. Stevie is an intact male and he may want to mate with Misty and that could cause problems. Once they are locked together, you would not be able to get them apart without getting seriously bit or scratched. PLEASE don't give in to his pining and keep them apart, for the sake and safety of Misty and those unborn kittens.
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I will trust your advice, I know better than to risk it, so I'll just do the towel thing!

After Stevie is neutered on Tuesday, can I allow them to see eachother then? Even if she's had her kittens?
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