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Daily Thread Monday August 10th

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Morning peeps!

It's going to be a hot and stormy one today. I am off to work..and then unpacking at the new place tonight. Not much else going on.

We got all our big stuff in there and now it looks like home! The painting looks great too..I should post pics

Anyhoo, have a good one folks!
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Morning All!!!

Damp, and very foggy here this morning, you can barely see across the street right now. Think it is suppose to storm later and be really hot and humid..

Very weary this morning, woke up at 3 again and couldn't get back to sleep. It's that darn reverse insomnia again.

Going to putter for a bit then lay back down for awhile. Don't have anything planned for the day so a nap seems like a good idea.

The kitties are looking out the window they seem very interested in the fog.

Everyone have a great day
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Muggy here too and more storms on the way. An unexciting day of work planned, and not much else.
Have a good day everyone!
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Pretty muggy here too. I'm off to work in a bit - early because the roads look to be bad today. Hoping for a nice quiet day at work, then off the the gym and home to finish the table runner I was working on all weekend.

Have a good one!
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Muggy here too..... gonna be hot and humid.

I had a physio appt but unfortunately had to cancel it. (silver lining is that I don't have to go out in this yucky weather).

My mom is coming to see me, as I've been unable to leave home the last couple days, so I missed her going away party She's coming this afternoon.

I'm really gonna miss her
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Morning. DS and I just got back from a quick walk around the street. It's going to be 105F with the heat index for the next two days. I think I got sunburn on my face. lol DS was fully covered and probably drenched with sweat right now.

Nothing than usual housework planned for the day. Definitely staying indoors. Oh Benson has a vet appointment tonight for his shots.
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Shelter day this morning. Actually, it will be 3 days this week. Today is my usual day, then Wednesday I have an orientation, then Saturday I'm to help with the Grand Opening of our new building.


And I'm going to Laredo tonight.
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Nice day here so far, sun shining, nice breeze blowing, and I have to waste the day in the city laying in stock for harvest - the neverending round of sandwiches for the next several weeks. Also off to a late start - flipping coffee maker filter had diahrea - diahaeorrea - whatever can't spell that word at all - and it leaked grounds and said grounds plugged the drip hole.....not a fun job to clear that. Now to recaffeinate me then hit the road.
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Hi everyone! I'm new to forum & this is the first time I've posted in the daily thread!

We're well on our way to hot & muggy here! I brought my 2 dogs into work with me today & am looking forward to a good one!
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Morning everyone..

Ha, I missed typing the Y in 'everyone' and stared at the word for about 20 seconds knowing it didn't look right but couldn't figure out why.. Then again I only had 2 sips of coffee so far.

3 day work week for me, yay! BF and I are driving up to Santa Rosa, CA for a beer & BBQ fest on Saturday and the other days we're gonna do some wine tasting and other beer tasting and whatnot. I can't wait! It's so pretty up north. And I also can't wait to stop at Pea Soup Andersens in Santa Nella on the way... I LOVE their split pea soup, almost as good as mine!

Have a good day everyone, and stay cool, east-coasters!!
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