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Kitty stressing.....

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Quick question... I just brought home my 6 wk old doberman puppy yesterday... and my cat (who is already WAY shy, timid when around strangers) is simply acting crazy! She runs and hides, under beds usually, and won't go to any of her 'usual' spots (IE looking out the door, her favorite chair..ect). Skittles (the cat) was bottle fed from 3 wks old, and has never interacted with any other animals (except my parrot, who she's been around since she was a kitty)... do you think she'll ever warm up to the puppy?! As the puppy grows, it will be spending more time outside, and Skittles is never allowed out.. so I'm hoping she'll learn that the puppy isn't taking over her turf? I refuse to let the pup in 'her' room... (where all the kitty's toys ect are.) but are there any other things I may could do to ease the tension/stress of my kitty? The puppy LOVES my outdoor cat, so I know she'd love Skittles too... I'm really worried about my indoor baby, she is spoiled and I adore her. I don't want to hurt her or make her feel unloved! Any tips?

Also to add... She has actually seemed BETTER today than yesterday. But.. she threw up a little earlier. She did this yesterday too--- it had a little hair in it, but not a typical hair ball... not to sound gross, but it was a bit more liquid than normal, and also had some food in it. NO blood though. She has done it three times in the past two days, which isn't typical for her. She usually only does it twice a month. Could this be stress related? She is eating the same amount, and drinking the same amount, and her litter box is being used the same amount... she doesn't have any other symptoms of anything! No problems with her bowels, or urinating... Clear eyes, no runny nose, grooming herself nicely- and of course- her night crazies! She hasn't lost any energy or been sleeping more... like I said, she's just 'sneaking' around the area where she seen the puppy! (In one room is the only place the puppy has been).

Thanks for any info!!!
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I hope like you the throwings are stress-related. But proceed to keep a close watch.

About stress. I assume it will be better with time.

But if you want to do something already now, using a Feliway diffuser is never wrong.
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Thanks! she seems a whole lot better today!! She hasn't thrown up any, and I gave her some catnip on her fav scratch board in the dinning room (where the new puppy has been playing) and she took to it quickly. Even bought her a new toy and showing her extra love! She seems quite content right now, even peeking around at the dog and watching the interaction.... she even sniffs everywhere she's(the puppy) been, so I think she is mellowing out quite a bit. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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