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pics of my babies

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hi guys, havent been on in a while. i got some pics for you. sorry they are huge, im not familiar on resizing images. all my babies are neutered/spayed and all cats declawed..i know some people are against that, but that was my moms choice. and everyone is indoors. for their protection.

these are the kittens that i rescued in August of 2004. i started out with one. then the next day i ended up with 3 more..then 2 days later i ended up with the 5th kitten. i potty trained them, i weaned them off of kitten replacement milk. i found 2 of them a home, and kept the remaining three. my 2 cousins that i hung out with all that summer has helped me out a lot. with the feedings and keeping track of them, they are alex and jordan they have helped me out a lot. and i thank them. the cat that i'm holding IS NOT THE FATHER. i will explain about him next.

now this handsome fellow is cartman. perfectly named after the character eric cartman on south park. he weighs in at 17 lbs and counting. he was abused by his former owner and i took him out of there to give him a better life. they used him as a dog toy. since i thought he was a girl when i first got him, i named him pimpet. then he started to grow and i changed the name. i have to give him credit, he took to the litter of kittens as his own, and he taught them how to be cats. he LOVES to go for rides in the car. i have to put him in a medium dog harness when i take him out in public. he is not related to any of the cats.

her original name is squishy 2. the first squishy was very very sick. i tried my best to bring her up to health, but sadly the next day she passed. me and my mom renamed her squirrel. my mom had a patient, that had abandoned cats that were dropped off at their house. so the husband fed them left over supper that they had that night. and i always called her that cat lady. they had 40+ cats. none of them are fixed so the bred and bred. so i know squirrel is an inbred cat. the only thing wrong with her is she gets scabs, the vet said its allergies. other than that she is very very loving. we call her the kitchen cat. because buddy has always chased her, and she wouldnt defend herself. and how she got the name squirrel, one day we observed her, when she would trot or run she would remind you of a squirrel. she is a tongue dispenser, she has her tongue all the time. she is not related to any of the cats.

this cat right here...her name is lucky....why? as i have mentioned earlier..the last kitten that came to us 2 days after all her siblings. she was so hungry..i let her eat as much as she wanted. so her name fit perfectly. then my mom started to call her ducky..ever since she will not come to the name this cat loves me and comes to me when i call her name. when it comes to my mom she dont like her...and we dont know mom hasnt done anything to her and yet ducky hates her lol. then only time she would go to my mom is if she cold.

this is my moms cat..tigger...dont let the name fool you...he may look sweet and innocent...but he is BAD. he is the ring leader of the cats. he gets into everything. i gave him to my mom for her birthday back in 04. he has a bunch of nicknames..mommas baby monka, striped zipperless purse, wuv muffin, and a few others. he is also duckys sister, and patches brother. he has a thing for paperclips. we have yet to find many more paperclips. and a thing for bracelets.

now this sexy little boy is my baby..his name is patches. he is my "little dog" we think he was a dog in another lifetime. he loves to ride on my shoulders. he doesnt take treats from anyone other than me. if im gone to go and stay the night at a house for a couple of weeks he will literally get sick and wont eat. and he loves to dip his paw in the water bowl and drink off his foot, then he'll get water all over the place. he has a patch on his back, and i named him patches. when i first got him, he followed me all over the place. and wouldnt leave me alone. he has a couple of nicknames. ppb-patches pashilda bartone...and pashilda. and he loves yogurt. when you open the yogurt he comes out of no where and sits there till your done..and he'll clean the container. he is related to tigger and ducky.

this is buddy. he just turned 2 yrs old at the end of july. he is german shepard husky with some lab. his mom lives down the street from us and his dad lives next door. and his sister lives right across the street from their mom. he is a good watch dog. he caught a 300 lb buck in my back yard and he tried to kill it. we take him to the boo wow walk every year since he was a puppy. its trick or treating for dogs and all proceeds go to our local animal shelter.

this is diego my ferret, he is a silver and will be 6 mths old on the 15 of this month. he is handicapped..he is completely deaf. i dont need sympathy...he is normal as any other ferret, except he cannot hear. he loves to play, and he learns quicker than his sister. his favorite hidey holes are my sheet drawer and underneath my shelf and hope chest.

this is weezy diegos sister. she will be also turning 6 mths old. she is a sable. and she is an ankle biter...inviting you to play with her. she is a cuddler..unlike her brother. my dog treats these guys like his puppies. and their favorite hidey my sheet drawer and my hope chest.
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A hope chest? Do girls really still have them?

The easiest way to resize photos is with a photo-viewing program called Irfanview. It's a free download, quite small, and very elegant. Download it, install it, use it to open your photo, click on Image, Resize/Resample, and put in number like 640 and it will do it easily. Save it with a new name (so you don't lose your original, and there you are.
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thank you...i'll have to look into for the hope chest its actually my moms.
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