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Leaving a Cat Behind

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I'm going to be going away for about two years and it is likely I will not be able to bring my cat with me during this time.

I wouldn't normally consider this an issue, but my cat seems to be attached to me. It sleeps under my covers with me at night, follows me around the house, and when I'm away it usually sleeps until I come home.

I mean, I know that we put a lot of emotions into cats that might not be there; I will miss my cat terribly but will she really miss me? There are people here to take care and give attention to my cat in my absence, but I guess I'm still nervous.

So basically, what I'm asking here is.. do you think it is OK to leave my cat like this? My cat will be fine, right? She will cope and just attach herself to someone else, right? I feel kind of silly for caring so much about my cats feelings..
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yes, if you leave her into some responsible, suitable persons custody and responsibility, she will copy, manage and attach to the new owner too.
Adult cats can easily attach to a new, good owner. No problems.

She will miss you some, and probably be mourning some time, you have entirely right. But such is the live...

Good luck!

ps. if the new owner is a stranger, dont forget to take some payment. For example, let the new owner donate to some charity organization in the cats name.
You both can make a donation, if be so.
"what is for free, is without worth" as many people thinks.
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No, I'm letting my parents take care of my cat while I'm away. And I am definitely returning for her. I just want to make sure I won't be traumatizing my cat as much as I am traumatizing myself.
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Just make sure your parents shower your cat with lots of love and attention to help her through it, because although she will adapt, she will miss you

Will you be going back home for visits during the 2 years, or do your parents have a pc where you can do a web cam with your cat so she can see and hear you?. I know that's what i would do if i had to leave mine, because like you i would be devastated without them
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I don't no if this is an option (possible if your parents live close to you to be able to come by daily), but if your parents could start feeding your kitty a couple of weeks before you leave, at your home of course, this will help her start bonding with them. Also, maybe a blanket, rug, etc. from your parents' home brought to your home so that she can acquaint herself to their "smell", then be sure and take some of your things to your parents when the move actually happens(a t-shirt of yours for her to snuggle with, etc). She will do fine.. as you know, grandparents ALWAYS spoil the grandkids!! Good luck to you.
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