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Fluffness of the tail !!

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Something quite strange happened the other day. One of our cats was standing there and for no reason her tail fluffed up. It was fluffed up for about 2 mins. It was like she had seen something and was scared out of her wits.. It spooked me out. Any suggestions on what it could be? I know this will sound strange but it is 1 week till the first anniversary of my mother in laws passing.

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ooo that is kinda spooky.

Zoey's tail fluffs up when she sees another cat outside and the hair on her back stands up. Its actually pretty funny I wouldnt worry too much, its a normal cat behaviour.
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Well the funny thing is, is that she has never acted like that before and she was staring at nothing (well nothing that she would get scared of)..

Thanks for the reply..
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Cats can sense, see and hear things that we cant.. they are really amazing creatures. Zoey hears me walk into my apartment building before I'm even anywhere near my front door.. I can hear her meowing for me as I get closer to my door.

Sometimes when we're relaxing, I see her perk up, eyes get big and she stares intently at the door. I dont see or hear anything. 5 minutes later my boyfriend comes in.

Just a couple examples...
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Yea, my cats' tails fluff up when they are spooked or wanting to challenge Niko. (I've never seen Niko's tail fluff up like either Mischief's or Isis's.) They do hear things much better then we and could have been from a cat outside and another animal nearby. Sometimes I find Mischief's tail will fluff up unexpectedly and then she will pace like a miniature tiger right before pouncing on the kitten or antagonizing Niko.
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We had a thunderstorm on Friday night, and once the big boomers started, we had a whole house full of "chub tails"! At one point, I think every hair on Max's body was on end, and her tail was as wide as her body!
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Hmm...you might want to watch it. While I fully believe cats & dogs can see and sense things that we can't, a fluffed up tail for no reason and staring at something not there was one sign my cat was about to go into a seizure. Her tail would fluff up and she would stare at absolutely nothing, of course she did also begin to convulse after a few minutes of that. I would just watch your kitty to see if it happens again. Not all seizures are the typical convulsions.
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I witnessed this last night with my cat for the first time - it was my fault and I felt so badly. She and I were playing chase and hide and go seek, I hid and jumped out and said boo - her tail was full!!! I had to laugh but then felt badly for scaring her so. I think she got even, though, there was some poo on the carpet when I got up this morning and she has always been such a clean kitty.
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