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Storm of the Century!! Lightning Photos!

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Anyone else in Ontario getting the most crazy storm ever????
My SO took these from our balcony..........just insane.....

I love this one, it's completely horizontal

He was very patient to get these I must say. It was BY FAR the MOST lightning I have ever seen
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Awesome, awesome pictures!!!!
I wish I was under a storm.... I miss the rain!!
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Those shots are amazing. I wish I had taken them.
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Wow! Those are crazy awesome pictures! At the same time crazy freaky, I would be just a little nervous seeing lightning like that! Was there a lot of thunder? I can imagine......
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Those are fantastic pics!!!
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Can´t believe how luck you´re for take those fantastic shoots!....
Fantastic & Awesome my friend!....
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Those are great pictures It's been a terrible summer here, no storms!! I love severe thunderstorms. The worse they are the better.
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Those photographs are stunning!
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OMG those are gorgeous!
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WOW.... Great pics.

We had the same storm, but our lightening was quite mild.
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Gorgeous pictures!! I love thunderstorms.
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Originally Posted by NorthernGlow View Post
Gorgeous pictures!! I love thunderstorms.
Me too! I love lightening and thunder! Beautiful pictures too.
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Awesome photos! Lightening is so fascinating!
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We had that storm last week. It was insane. It was lightning for about 3½ hours, but only thundering and raining for about an hour and a half. There was a lot of trees down around here.
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Cool pictures!!!!
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What incredible pictures!
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Wow those are super cool photos!

I miss storms....
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Amazing photos, wish I could see a storm like that!
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Wow! Wow! Wow! I'd love to see a storm like that, very cool! The pictures are amazing.
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