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That .... printer

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I saw ads for a printer/copier for a great price and my printer had reached it's planned technology obsolescence. I bought it.

From the first it gave me problems. I would not print something for a day, try to print something and the page would be blank. I put that print head through "just a few" cleanings to try to fix it.

DH didn't believe me at first. He decided to do the research for me (it is an endearing yet annoying quality he has) and got me a new print head. It didn't work. DH got me another new print head. That still didn't work.

Today, I closed the top drawer of the little file cabinet that the printer is on, the home to all 3 of my printers, and the part of the printer that you pull out for the paper fell off. It didn't just fall off. The plastic hinge that holds it broke. I didn't even do anything. The printer is worthless without this unless I want all my printouts to wind up on the floor.

I just sent an email to the company saying that I want a new printer. I was nice. Really, I just want a new printer and not this lemon. Sometimes sh.... happens and you have to give the company the benefit of the doubt.

Now, if I don't get a new printer....
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ugg, bummer! You probably just got a lemon, if it's still under warranty you shouldnt have any problems getting it replaced!
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I was wondering about that printer. Keep us posted as to whether cust service comes through for you. They'd better, for that expensive of a printer.
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I have that printer, u must have just gotten a lemon because mine is AWSOME, and the little try has even stood up to Tonk's attacking the paper comming out!

I hope they replace it for you because it prints beautifully.
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I have gone with HP, because while the Epsons print great when they're printing, when the print head dies, they're very dead. With HP, every time you replace a cartridge, you're also replacing the print head.

But the ink is the scam on all of them, isn't it?
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