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Cat Shampoo..

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BF and I have been contemplating giving Genever a bath one of these days, she doesn't seem to need one as she is a very clean cat, she grooms herself so much I check her all the time to make sure she's not licking herself bald! (i think she does it because it's hot) Anyway, we'd like to give her a bath, maybe a once a year thing, just to know that we're able to do it in case there is ever a time when we NEED to give her a bath. She's indoors and on Advantage so I don't expect any reason she'll need us to intervene, but you never know.

So, what are your suggestions for a good mild, all-purpose cat shampoo?

Thanks in advance!
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If your cat is clean and a good groomer then I would leave well enough alone! No sense in disturbing the natural pH balance of the cat's skin/fur. But if you insist on bathing then there are a number of things you can use. Dawn dishwashing liquid is gentle enough to use on cats and many people who show cats use it. I also like Earthbath products. You can get them online or in many pet stores. I always follow up a bath with a vinegar water rinse. Helps get all the soap out and also helps restore the balance of things. You can use a few tablespoons in a gallon of water or up to 1/2 cup in a gallon or two of water. I use white vinegar.
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