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Very Confused

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Mischief has always been a 'talker'. She cries very regularly, purrs infrequently, and makes a variety of noises as if she just wants people to know she's around.

Recently tho her level of crying has increased dramatically, and its tone has changed. It's lower and more throaty then normal. I don't really know if this is a health or behavior issue. She's been eating normal, and nothing else much has changed except for my study load has increased dramatically causing me to seclude myself from the rest of the living world for hours at a time. I always close the door from my kitties, because I get distracted by them. (I want to play with them all the time, but sadly that doesn't accomplish work.) I just wonder if this is the cause or if there is something else going on. I wish I could have a cat translator to interpret all her mews.
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Is she part Siamese? If she is they are talkative. Maybe you can go to a shelter and get Mischief a buddy to keep her company? Or increase your one-on-one time with her playing with her for about 10 minutes a day. Sounds like she might just miss you. Of course, she could be ill and trying to tell you that as well.
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I also have a talkative cat. But her normal noise to tell us: "Ok Iam here" or "Ok I am leaving" is complete different to this meows if she want something (food, door open or something else).

Does it sound as she hurts somethin or she is in really stress? Then I would let the doktor check her. When does she start meow this way? If you close the door between you and her? I think you should write a sheet of notes every day and notice exactly what you did and how the cats reaction was. Maybe it gives you a idea.
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I can't remember whether she has been spayed yet. If not, she might be in heat.
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Mischief is not spayed, and I do know that meow sound very very well. Getting her spayed is a difficult issue because my roomie is very against spaying, but not for a reason that I have ever heard anyone else ever say. He believes that since Mischief is an indoor cat and will never go outside to breed more kitties that she shouldn't go through the pain to be spayed. He says that all the cats he has ever been around (which is more then myself) that spayed kitties get fat and lazy and loose their playfulness. He also believes that it is wrong to just do that to a cat that isn't going to be going outside. Why make her suffer, he says.

This meow is different, throatier like she's been meowing all day and all night and this is all that she has left to give. But just as I think that her throat might be sore she lets out one of her classic meow hear me from the top of the roofs meows.

I like your idea Unique, I think I will try that with her. I think I might try to get a vet appointment really quick just to check her out. It might be me, but I think Mischief is losing some weight...

M.A., you're absolutely right, she needs more play time! But this leads to another situation I have with poor Mischief. Mischief is the most passive agressive creature I have ever met. She gets pushed around by both Niko and Isis quite frequently and never blinks an eye at it. When it comes to toys I try to play with Mischief but then Niko and Isis come bounding over and Mischief backs off to let the other two have the limelight. I've tried seperating Mischief and playing with her alone, but the instant she hears the other two crying (Niko can't stand being the cat left out, and Isis will cry if Niko cries) Mischief will run to the door forgetting about playing all together. I need to find a toy they all can enjoy without tripping over each other. I can play with the mouse on a string with toy of them, but not three. This includes basically all I've tried (they like tennis balls, and anything that slides across the floor hehe). Any ideas?
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Since she is your cat I would number one get her spayed. A heat cycle is very uncomfortable for a cat to go through, not to mention not getting her spayed opens her up to all sorts of nasty health problems down the road.

It is a myth that spayed and neutered cats get lazy. All my cats have been fixed, they are all lean, and happy and not lazy at all. Indoor cats do not get lazy, they get bored, and so they get stressed and they start eating more and sleeping more. You stop that by increasing their activity level, introducing new things to their environment so they keep their curiosity up.

I would make the cats a ball bin- get a large cardboard box- cut off the flaps on one side and cut a large door in the middle that the cats can jump in and out of. Throw some ping pong balls inside, and brace the box against the wall. Instant playground-

Also tell you roomate that a one time spay pain is short lived, compared to the discomfort Mischief feels in every heat cycle, as well as the potential for some serious cancers down the road.
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Mischief up close and personal. She's hard to take a picture of because she always wants to see what I am putting so close to my face.
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What a pretty girl she is!

I second the posts recommending that she get spayed. It is healthier for her and quieter for you avoid the possibility of an unplanned litter of kittens if she were ever to get outside when she is in heat!
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That's a great idea M.A.! And I have the perfect place to put if I just clean up some junk! Mischief already loves my closet (big huge closet) and right now the one side of it just has my popason frame that I haven't gotten the cushion for it (Niko ruined the first when she went through a peeing on everything I was near phase), so if I clear that out I can give them something they could really enjoy in a place that they love being in!

I can get her spayed at a price I can afford, but they don't do check ups. I am kinda wondering if I should get her checked up first and then spayed, or spayed and then checked up...
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Beautiful cat, love the white bib! I would get her spayed, if they are a good clinic they will recheck her for free.
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Mischief's a gorgeous cat and I do worry about her escaping in a fit of passion. I know it is something I should do, but I hate making potential problems with someone that I am so close to. I might have to bite the bullet on this one and hope the fallout is not bad.

Mischief's greatest features is the subtle color changes on her face. Half her face is gray tabby including the flesh around her eye, and the other half of her face is orange tabby and her flesh around that eye is all pink. She's a cutie, just not the most affectionate of cats which I think is the other reason my roomie is not so sure about Mischief being spayed. She is affectionate to everyone when she is in heat. *sigh* Go fig. Oh well, I graduate this week, so I think I'll make an appointment for her next week. Or see if they can't fit her in sometime this week where she doesn't have to spend the night there like Niko did.
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I took her to that clinic to get her shots and they weighed her and the vet felt her up and down. I wish I knew the signs of a good clinic, because I can remember once someone saying that you should call to see if they declaw and if they do declaw and are very willing to do it, that's not a great sign of a compassionate vet. Well, if that's the case then this place is assuredly out. I cringed inside when I saw that right next to their price of declawing cats they had a price to declaw dogs...I didn't even know people did that...
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That is my gauge of how to find a good cat vet and how I found my vet, they do not declaw and if you call, they send out all sorts of literature to you in the mail as well as try and talk you out of it over the phone.

Yes, people want their dog's declawed, their canines filed down and debarked as well!
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Originally posted by hissy
Yes, people want their dog's declawed, their canines filed down and debarked as well!

Why would they even HAVE a pet in the FIRST place, if that's how they feel???
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I am in utter shock.

I didn't know...what the????? Dogs bark! That's what they do! How can anyone do that to a dog! And their canines filed down? Oh...this just makes me cringe all the more.

I know of one good vet that my friend goes to but its a forty minute drive and Mischief hates car rides. With all the great advice I am getting now (and I think I would rather drive the 40 minutes to a compassionate vet then the five minutes to a vet that will declaw dogs for a few extra bucks) is there anyway to make the car trip more pleasant for Mischief?
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Do WHAT to a dog??????? #$%#$%@$%#$%#$%%^$%^%#%$#%#$%$#%%^*&&@#@#!!!!
The reason why I don't have a dog even though I LOVE them to bits is that I know that I do not have the time for a dog. Dogs bark like cats have to meow. And canines filed??!?!?! Isn't that illegal???? #$%#%$#$%# Fricasee veterinarian sounds good right about now.... onto that peaceful, yet relaxing car trip.

Things you can do BEFORE the trip.

1) Let Mischief become familiar with the car. Let her roam around in the car with you supervising. There are different smells in the car and can be frightening at first.

2) You can offer her treats while she is familiarising herself with your car so she can associate something positive with the car.

3) Take her on short trips around the neighbourhood so that she becomes accustomed to the sound of the engine of your car. Start with back streets so it's quieter and gradually more busier streets so she can recognise the sound of traffic.

4) At the end of these trips when you take her back inside give her a cuddle and offer treats or a toy. So she knows that at the end of the trips, good things happen. I offer toys to my cats when they arrive at the vet's surgery to play with in their carrier cages and treats when they get home.

Things to do DURING a car trip.

1) Place bedding in the carrier cage that your cat may sleep on so that there is a familiar scent for her to feel safe and less out of place.

2) Car radio. Play soft soothing music. Classical music is best.

3) Stay calm and clear headed. Do your best not to stress. If Mischief picks up on you being stressed she will feel that something is not quite right and start to stress.

4) Talk to her in a steady and calm voice if she begins to meow. Don't make a fuss. I usually describe the journey to my cats as I'm going and reassure them that I am taking them to a kind vet who cares about them.

5) You can also place a blanket or towel over the carrier cage if the car trip does cause Mischief to really stress out and tries to claw her way out of the carrier cage.

I think that's about it. I'm sure others out there have plenty of other suggestions.
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You should read this article here. Although she is talking about longer trips, the tips should work for Mischief as well-

Traveling with Cats
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I'm glad that I'll never have to deal with that kind of problem ((the travel problem)) with any of my cats. When they were all kittens I made sure to take them in their carrier out and about all of the city. In cars, busses, Vans, trucks, I got them used to traveling in just about everything.

Vagabond loves it. She sit's and stares out the window, her eyes wide.
Hobo... what can I say... She's a beautiful girl with a heart of gold. Every time we go on a trip, she just falls right asleep, poof out cold! When she is awake she sit's right near the front of the carrier, looking out with this *boaring* look on her face.
Lynn is a bit too young just yet, the same with OB1-Catnobi, Hobbit, Sonjya, and Bunkie ((Vagabonds kittens)).

Although the kittens I'll be taking them out for a ride soon.

just thought I'd mention it.

~ Salem
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just thought I'd put my two cents in..

My Roxy was also like your Mischeif, before being spayed she was a crazy hyper playful kitty and extra loving while in heat (too much she would never stop crying, and rubbing and sticking her ass up at us and the other kitties).

So I was also concerned that she would calm down and not be as playful....but I was told by my vet it is not connected. And yes nothing has changed! She is a happy spayed girl, hyper as ever (even more than before) wants to play fetch all the time, and will talk until you give her what she wants (spoiled yes). SHe is also just as loving as ever, and even more, now she kneads on me from time to time, without sticking her claws out which she never did before, and she still purrs like crazy (even while playing fetch).

Roxy's heat cries were different from normal talking, and it would stress the othet kitties too, you could see it in their behavior, and some females can spray also!

about the wieght, after spaying I have read, and my vet said, that estrogen is a natural appetite suppressant, this is why people notice females are hungrier in winter (when not in cylce).

so your female would just be as hungry as she is in her winter self, but it is wise to check her weight soon after spaying to see if you need to adjust the amount you are feeding her daily. (with a vet advice ofcourse). My Roxy did gain a pound after two weeks of being spayed so I was told to reduce the food (or change to wieght control formula)so she wouldn't become over weight. I was very surprised she gained, being as active as she is, so I do believe that spaying has something to do with it, but it just means we as responsible owners have to watch what we feed and how much to maintain a healthy size.

one other thing I noticed with Roxy, was when she was in heat she would scratch furniture she was not allowed to, and this only happened while she was in heat cycles, and since she has been spayed, she has never scratched anything but her posts. anyone else notice this kind of behavior? It seemed to me the heat would drive her so nuts she had no control, and would scratch the couch for example to mark etc.., but when not in heat she clearly understands not to stracth there (and it was very easy to train her, with no problems).

It aslo only took Roxy a few days to bounce back to her old self from the operation. I personally don't think it fair to keep a cat in heat inside because she can cycle more often, and has no chance to satisfy her urges. A spayed cat makes a healthier, happier pet. and does not add stress to the other kitties who are also fixed.

again, just my two cents...
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About having your cat fixed, I had BK neutered at 17 wks of age. He is not fat, he is muscled up and very strong, and has always acted like a kitten very playful. Like everyone elses kitties at midnight he starts the running through the house and sliding on the wood floors down the hallway .
He is my inside sweetie cat. Clara
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How does she behave when she has the scratchy meow? One of my cats has a scratchy meow most of the time except for her I'm hungry meow which is like a baby. Mine also has this really low "RRRRRRRROAR" she does when she is so hyper she doesn't know what to do with herself... it means she is having fun.
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Is she spayed yet?

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My cat? Yes. I've never seen her show any signs of being in heat either. My cat's scratchy meow is just the way her voice is.
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ooops Sorry! I meant Xastions cat

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This week I shall take good ole Mischief to the vet for a full check up and to possibly get spayed if she is in good condition. Whatever the vet decides so to speak.
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Good luck.
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