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I want a Sphynx need advice!!!

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I have for years wanted a Sphynx (ever since Austin Powers lol) but never had the means to buy one. We now live in a permanent home and I can afford to have my dream baby!!! I do not have intentions of getting one until around Springtime. Can someone point me in the direction of a good breeder or a few good ones to look through and talk to? I do not intend to show or breed I just want a baby to love!! My baby will definitely be fixed if it hasn't already been done by the breeder. Also I have seen a few odd eyed ones through some breeders which I seem to love. Weird things pull at my heart strings!! The reaction to my bald cat with to different colored eyes from my family when they come would be priceless lol. However I'd like to know do two different color eyes come from bad genes, cause health problems, something breeders try to avoid? any help would be great. If breeders names and links can't be posted could someone PM me names and links?
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I have a sphynx and am getting another one.
How much are you willing to pay for one?
The odd eyed are good also.
I just turned one down that would have been great in the ring.
Why dont you join this group.
There are a lot of good breeders in that group.
The breeders fix the kittens first.
Do you know sphynx need a lot of care and have to be given bath and cleaned all the time?
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There are several people in here with Sphynx so they can recommend breeders. As far as odd-eyed. White cats have blue eyes, gold eyes or one of each. If the breeder has a white Sphynx, then it can have any of the above eye color combinations. You could get an odd-eye by breeding a pointed Sphynx to a Gold Eye White Sphynx.

There are no health problems related to eye colors (only if you consider deafness (blue-eyed whites) a "health" problem)
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My advice to you is research the breed, you might find out their personality, or the constant grooming you have to do with them, etc. doesn't work well for you. Also go to a cat show, meet Sphynx and their people, get to know the breed in person, also research reputable breeders, and be willing to wait for a cat from a good breeder. You might also be interested in getting two at once, if you are getting a kitten.
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There is a CFA show next weekend in New Jersey.
Here is a link to the CFA Site.
Here is a link to the TICA site.
There is one in New Jersey also.
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I have 3 sphynx and will be breeding them this fall. Odd-eyed cats are few but they can be found. You should really do some research on specific breeders and correspond with them. There is most likely a breeder near you, but most breeders will ship right to you.

Please ensure you know as much as possible about the breed before you buy. I've heard of stories of people getting one only to turn around and give it right back because they were too much work or too busy for them.

I love my sphynx and embrace everything about them. They fit my idea of a perfect cat
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I have done quite a bit of research on the breed through the years even more so as of lately. I understand they do need to be bathed weekly due to the oils in their skin as well as weekly ear cleanings. I also do not mind at all doing the work!! I am an avid animal lover and there is honestly nothing that would make me get rid of her once she was here!! I have 2 cats now a 1 year old female and a 6 month old male both vaccinated and fixed and both have completely different attitudes and tempers. I am a stay at home mom so other than a few devoted hours to food making and playing with the little humans life seems to be about my kitties!

I in no means am in a rush as I stated before I do not plan to purchase until Springtime unless there's one that simply screams I am yours! I have no problem spending between $1000 to $1200. I prefer to spend top dollar if I had to than go cheap and end up with gosh knows what from a BYB.
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That is good.
Sphynx are great cats and are very friendly.
What color are you thinking of?

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Sphynx breeders tend to ignore colors - they concentrate on type rather then breed for color.
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I don't have specific color I want, It will go based off of the vibe I get from a breeder when I choose a breeder.
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That is good.
When in spring would you want the kitten?
I know some breeders that are good.
Some will have kittens ready to go in spring.
Do you want a kitten that will be 4 months old when you get it?
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I am looking towards a broad area of March,April or May. 4 months is fine with me as I know any reputable breeder keeps them with mom until at least 12 weeks or longer. I will not look for anything even under 12 weeks I want my kitten to have all of it's socialization and learning from mom and siblings.
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My Mentor is breeding soon and I think her kittens will be ready around the time you are looking to get a kitten.
Cleo's breeder is good but I am not sure if he will ahve kittens at that time of year.
I also know some other breeders that are good.
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I have two Sphynx girls, they are awesome but definitly not your normal cat!!!
They act alot like dogs, they meet me at the door when I come home, lol!!!
I LOVE my breeder, so much that when I decided to get a second I went right back to her and ended up getting my second one from her too. PM me if you'd like her info
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