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Guard Cat, Anyone Else Have One?

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We have a "guard cat", with tortitude

Kasey is very friendly and loves human attention and is very friendly when people visit.

She is an indoor cat, now and doesn't show much interest in going outside but seems to want to defent the house.

Two examples;

1.) Last winter, one night, some people put a car in the ditch on the country road that runs beside our lot. We called a tow truck for them.

Kasey sat at the patio door and watched like them a Rotweiler until the tow truck pulled them out. She would not be distracted until they were gone.

2.) One night this summer, we had the windowa open. letting the fresh air come in through the screens since it was a cool night.

The one window is low and something must have come to it in the wee hours of the morning.

I hear Kasey make "noises not of this world" and hit the screen. When I came to investigate, there was nothing there, she had "run it off".

When I was up getting breakfast, she went back to the window, just to check.

Our other two cats don't show this kind of behaviour, I am not sure it is is in her nature or from her earlier life.
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Aw, it sounds as if she is looking out for you!

I have a cat who growls sometimes when someone rings the doorbell. I don't know if he's protecting me, or if he's just scared!
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That reminds me, last fall she was sitting on my lap when I was watching TV.

Someone went around the corner and squeeled their tires; she growled. Her attitude did not seem like she was scared, either.

I think given her rescue history, being brought home when she was older, I think she may feel really settled here and wants to defend it.
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Originally Posted by motoko9 View Post
Aw, it sounds as if she is looking out for you!

Well, she is quite attached to me, too.
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She definitely sounds like she loves and guards her new home and family! That is a special kitty you have there. Maia's way of protecting me is unfortunately becoming very nasty when people come over, especially those who aren't animal people. She will arch her back, full out stand her ground and hiss. Generally she runs and hides when people come over. However she does alert me if she hears noises out back, or finds a bug!
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Taylor sees the need to protect me against any "little" intruders into this house- meaning bugs of any kind. She has woken me in the night before, brought me to the bug, and just starts meowing at it. God forbid she actually touch it and kill it, she just feels the need to alert me . Kinda like Lassie lol! (amazingly accurate prey-drive for a handicapped cat that has her senses way out of whack!

She also feels the need to let me know when someone is downstairs. Let me explain- I live in a duplex, and the entrance to my upper flat is in the back of the house, and my g-pa uses that entrance too becuz he can get to his lower flat from there as well. So when she hears ANYONE come in, for any reason, she will go to the closed upstairs door and smack it and meow REALLY loud. It reminds me of what a dog would do if it were in the same situation. (she also makes sure that she is the FIRST thing that people notice/talk to when they come in. If they talk to me first, she gets very upset and hits them (the more I type, the more that little booger reminds me of a dang child! )
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Haha I thought I was the only one with weirdo guard cats...I have a huge bay window that looks into our driveway and another window that looks into the side road to the back of the house where BF's garage is. Not only do I have a yappy mini doxie who warns me of incoming traffic but I have one cat who sleeps on the dining room table and warns me people are here by actually moving his butt off the table and our new kitten GiGi "barks" with Franklin when people come in and she even runs around with him from the front door to the back waiting for someone to come inside. LOL...I think they do this because they love us and want to make sure they are the only weirdos in the house! LOL
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A friend gave me a sign with a cat and "I'm on guard here - enter at your own risk!" Our cat thinks he's a burglar alarm. He woke us up when the building behind our yard was broken into, presumably because he saw the flashlights being used, and another time freaked out somebody who was messing with our kitchen window. I'm not sure who was more freaked out - Jamie, or the would-be burglar.
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