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I LOVE Ice Cream

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So, I posted about the Root Beer Float day when we got to see Ricky Henderson. That was great, but we are talking Root Beer floats. I got the BIG refillable mug. Ben and I got one when we got there and demolished it. Then we eat got another one. Ben spilled his, I didn't . We each got a third (we took turns standing on the Ricky line and getting the floats).

By the third one, I was asking for lots of ice cream. I kept saying, "More ice cream" to the volunteer local celebs who were making them. I'll take my root beer on the side, please.

I got a fourth before the game started. Ben didn't. For my fourth, I just asked them to fill it all with ice cream (I think that was a whole pint ) I told the scoopers that I really loved ice cream and they told me that they really loved me because it turns out that they were working for one of the sponsors of the event, Dreyer's Ice Cream!

I think that I ate over a quart of vanilla ice cream that day.

I worked out at the club for about 4 hours yesterday.

Did I mention that I LOVE ice cream?
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I got a brain freeze from reading that!
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You know, I never did get a brain freeze. I guess that I really do LOVE ice cream.

I worked in a Baskin Robbins one summer. No, I did not eat their profits but I never got sick of ice cream either. The funniest thing to see was all the little kids who came in, looked at all those flavors and still wanted "banilla."

I love vanilla. It is still the best. But I do like pralines and cream or anything with carmel in it.
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One Root Beer Float is enough for me.
I do not know how you can eat that much ice cream.
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lol, yum! I got some root beer float flavored ice cream the other day, gotta say, doesnt quite measure up to the real thing. Although I do have a craving now...
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All I have to say to this is...Me too!
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