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Question of the Day Aug 9th, Again.

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Morn All!!

Well it looks like I got the dates mixed up yesterday so we have to do the question for Aug 9th 2 days in a row.....I warned you I wasn't actually awake yesterday morning.

Today's question is:

Are you a morning person, or an evening person?

I would have to say I am a evening person. I always get much more accomplished in the afternoon and evening then I do during the morning.
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Right now, I would have to say evening person.

At times, I can be a morning person if I have a reason to be. But I generally prefer evenings.
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I get up for cat shows (on average four or five days a month) between 4am-6am and I'm definitely a morning person then but in every day life I'm an evening person
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I'm a night person, who has been forced over the years (because of my job), to become a morning person. I used to be able to sleep on my days off, until 2 in the afternoon. Now I consider 8 am as sleeping in. I also used to revert back to my night owl tendencies on the weekends. Now I realize that I'm too old to deal with the sleep deprivation that occurs on Monday mornings, when I do that. Yeah, I've been forced (very against my nature) to become a morning person. I eagerly look forward to retirement, and returning to my comfortable night owl persona.
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I like to sleep late and go to bed early
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Definitely morning. I'm ready to spring from bed at first light of day. Unfortunately daylight doesn't come till 7am in winter. I must be at work by 7am.
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I'm an insomnia person
I prefer the night, but I find myself wide awake by 5am every morning, thus forcing me to be a morning person.
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^ Have you research or tried light therapy?

I'm an evening person. I can get up in the morning but anything before 9am is difficult. Most people with dysautonomia have blood pressure issues in the morning, I'm no different there. Maybe I'm not getting that morning burst of cortisol that most people get. Whatever it is, my blood pressure is typically too low to allow me to stand up for more than a couple minutes (if I make it that long) and I have a lot of difficulties thinking.
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Erica is NOT a morning person.

'nuff said.
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Early evening is my time, actually. I can get a fair bit accomplished in the morning, but would rather not be sufficiently vertical for that to be possible.
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I'm definatly a NIGHT PERSON. My sister thinks I'm part Vampire. LOL.
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Morning! Always have been.
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