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Thoughts and success with Rescue Remedy please!

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Im thinking of using a little RR on Daisy as i think she is a little depressed and stressed. Could anyone advise me on this and tell me if you have used it and if it worked? I understand that it will put her in a trance??, which im not sure i like the sound of !
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Looked straight on, it sounds like hokus pokus, or junble numble in american... But many do witness it often works...

These flower essences are solved in alcohol (typical brandy of good quality), thus you shouldnt give the drops directly. Dissolve them in some water.

Or give them via skin: rub in via soles of the feet, behind the ears, and such...
As they are solved in alcohol, they will go through the skin.

You know an alternative may be Feliway?
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I used to give Callie RR after we first got Hannah. I would put the drop in her wet food 2x a day. It didn't put her in a 'trance' so to speak, but it made her 'druggy' and kinda really, really chilled out. I didn't like the effect, so I stopped and went the Feliway route. She's much more active and relaxed, back to her normal self.
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We used Rescue Remedy - about 5 drops in a large dog bowl dish of water, and put drops on a paper towel and dabbed it behind ears, at base of neck, at base of tail and under the chin (this is the important one so it wafts up into the nose).

We didn't notice anything like being drugged or in a trance or anything like that! In fact, for us, it didn't seem to do anything at all. But there were definitely people on here with success stories with it, that's why we tried it. It seemed to me like either it worked really well or didn't do anything. This is the first time I'm ever hearing about a cat seeming "druggy" from it.

Feliway works to help our multicat household be calmer than without it. They did seem to become "immune" to it after the first few months of using it, so we alternate around - either two or three weeks with the spray, then one or two weeks without.
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I've had a lot of success with RR for cats, dogs and myself. I have never seen any side effects from it - it certainly doesn't put anyone in a trance. It basically makes the cat (or anyone) calmer and more "balanced" emotionally. I spray it in the carriers before going to the vet, or give a dose after any frightening experience (a bad dream, for example). I like to dose it by rubbing it onto the cat's ears - they just think you're petting them.
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