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Sick cat with FeLV + URI. Help please.

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I have a cat that is about 1 year old. He has been living outside (he was a stray) until about a few week ago. I brought him in. At that time, he was sneezing. It then started to get worse where he would gag/cough but nothing would come out. I had though it was a hairball, but the laxatone wasn't working. I then brought him to the vet. He tested positive for FeLV and also has a URI.

They gave him meds but he would throw them up. I brought him back, and they gave him a shot that they said will last for 2 weeks and make him feel better. Now, sometimes he gets these "phases" where he opens his mouth and trys to cough phlegm up, but he just keeps swallowing it back down. Sometimes, it does come out his mouth, usually hanging and he gets foamy a little. He also has been drooling. He makes a weird sound when he's doing this, like a sorta a roar hiss and gets kinda "freaked out" and will back up into a wall. Sometimes he will hide after he does this. This usually only lasts a few minutes, then he calms down. This usually happens twice a day. He's has been eating, but I am unsure if he's drinking. I try to watch him, but I only see him eat. He also hasn't been using the litter box, he goes to the bathroom on the floor far away from it. Most of the day he is sleeping. Is this normal for cats sick with FeLV and an URI? Or is there more going on here? Does this sound like rabies? or am I being too paranoid? I know FeLV is usually fatal and they get neurological problems, is that what I am seeing here, along with the URI? He also has an eye infection and they prescribed drops, and he had a 104 fever...

I called the vet and they said they didn't want to do anything for him cause "it may stress him out and make him worse". I think they think he's going to pass away... I'm gonna try another vet though, but In the meantime I just wanna know what is going on with him and if its just normal for what he has or if its something worse.
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I doubt he has rabies. If he has an URI, he's likely got lots of drainage and that's what's coming up. I'm guessing he got a Covenia shot, if it lasts for 2 weeks. M cats have had that and for the first week they were like little zombies and slept all the time. Their bodies need the rest to heal, but it was a bit unnerving to me.

To help with the congestion, put a vaporizor near where he sleeps and run it 24/7. Tje steam will help open the nasal passages. You can also give him a sauna treatment. Get the bathroom nice & steamy, then take kitty in the bathroom and sit with him, door closed, until the steam dissipates. Again, this will help open up the nasal passages and get that thick phlegm flowing.

As for the water, if he'll eat canned food, add a couple of tablespoons of water to it and mix it together until it's the consistency of very thick soup or stew. Also elevate his food so that he doesn't have to bend his head down so far to eat. I usually use a couple of books and put the food dish on the top of the stack that's abot 6"-10" high.

Can't help with the FeLV part as I have no experience with that, but know that if well managed kitties with the disease can live long productive lives. I also think it's good that you're seeking a 2nd opinion.
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I tried running the shower, but he freaks out when the water is running. I tried shutting it off and then bringing him back in, but he still doesn't like it (and scratched me in the process). I will buy a vaporizer and try that.

I am trying the water mixed in with food thing. Although, he is starting to not eat either... He mostly is laying around, sitting in one spot, or just down with his neck elongated. He will want to go into the restroom or in any other room when he gets his "attacks".

His "attacks" here have been getting a little worse... he does it more often and drools a lot. He will want to go into the restroom or in any other room when he gets his "attacks". He usually goes to the bathroom wherever he is while doing this (that bathroom now reeks of kitty wee-wee).

He usually doesn't want to go out of my room either, but since he's sick he wants to lay around outside my room. He usually is afraid of the dog too, but he let her sniff him. He then though started hissing and swatting at her.

I really would like to get all that phlem out of his throat, I think that is what is making him feel really bad. Would making him throw-up help? How would I do that though?

I appreciate any help on this matter until I can get back to a vet.
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I don't think throwing up would help as there's just more where it came from. You definitely need to get him back to the vet! He's not wanting to eat because he can't smell the food. Try warming it up for about 8-10 seconds or so in the microwave, on the lower setting if you have that on your microwave. Test it with your finger before you feed him to make sure it's not too hot as you don't want him to burn his tongue.

If you have it, you can add a drop or 2 to the vaporizer's water of eucalyptus oil. This will help open up the kitty's nasal passages. Sounds like he's got lots of drainage, and is trying to get it out by gagging/coughing. That's so scary when it happens. I think my vet calls it "overexaggerated swallowing". I call it scary!

Give him lots of TLC. You might also need to syringe feed him so he gets some nutrition in him. Don't let him go without eating as you'll have other troubles. Ask your vet for Science Diet a/d and an appetite stimulant. The A/d's stinky as anything, but it loaded with lots of nutrients kitties need to get well. I've not had a cat turn their nose up at it, even a little bit at a time.
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