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I am notorious for piling up papers and then spending hours a few times per year filing them away!

I invested in a filing cabinet some years back, but due to lack of room in my living room where my computer is, it sits in a corner of my bedroom. Because of it's location and my physical restrictions I am not able to really access it all that well in order to file, so I end up pulling out the folders and parking them in a slot on my computer desk where my CPU is supposed to sit. That has sort of been working, but as the folders get full they fall over and the contents dump out onto the floor

Today I went to Staples and bought a storage box, some hanging folders and some labels. I spent several hours setting it all up and filing my stack of papers away, and sorted out some of the existing folders that had become "all purpose" instead of specialized as they were meant to be.

I put the box on a lower shelf of my computer desk where it's easily accessible. However, Chynna isn't going to like that all that much because that's one of her favourite spots to sleep when I'm on the computer and I won't let her on the desk because I'm using the space.

So hopefully now that I have a file box near me, I'll be more conscientious about filing. I do have to pull the box out and take off the lid to file, then put it back, but it's way easier than what I was doing before.

Let's just hope that I keep it up!!!