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Roseville Cat Show Results 8/8/09

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Cleo made 2 finals today.
She got two 2nd place in Shorthair Premiership and 9th Place in Allbreed.
It was so crowded today you could even get the cats to the rings.
They told the spectators to let us through.
At least 30 people asked questions about sphynx.
Cleo did try to bite a judge and I do not know why she did that.

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Congratulations sis,and Cleo
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Well done

But naughty Cleo for trying to bite, you need to keep an eye on that wouldn't want her hurting anyone. Over here one bite and you can't be shown again, a very serious offence.
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Congrats Cleo

Do you know how to figure her Premier points and tell how many she has? You can use "Herman" online to find out her total. But you'll probably have to wait about a week or two so CFA gets the results into their computers. I'll give you the website to Herman if you don't have it.
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That's so awesome. Congratulations Jacky!
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Thanks Everyone,
I use Herman all the time.
They post the points on Thursdays.
I do not know how to add them up before that.
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Basically its a point for every Premier they defeat. For example, if there are a total of 15 premiers (long and short hair) in the class and your cat wins (best award) of Best Premier AB - then you would get 14 pts (15 - 1 (your cat).

If she would get only a Best SH Premier you would only count the premiers in the shorthair class minus one for Cleo.
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I understand it now.
My sister has added sphynx to her list of breeds now.

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Congrats! Cleo did a wonderful job! She may have been agitated by the other cats, etc.
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She was mad at the other cats.
I forgot the vanilla I was going to bring.
She is fine in the benching area though.

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Cheater's guide to counting grand points or e-points, get a point chart, and you can get one here:

Click on the chart and it'll download for you.

I "teach" a two hour seminar on how to count points over this side of the world before I even hand out the point chart. It's always better to understand the mechanics I feel.

Do remember that should your cat final in the top ten (bottom half usually) but fails to get either an 1-3 best SH Ch or 1-3 Best LH CH in the same ring, it would still earn grand points.

ETA; If you give me the show count and the premiership counts, I can calculate your grand points for you!

Also, if the cat fails to get a finals or a Champion/Premier Finals but is BEST Champion/Premier of Breed and defeats other champion/premiers of the same breed, the cat will STILL collect grand points.

Have I confused you enough???? LOL
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I had forgotten about the lower placements - Charlie got a few points that way in one show - he was the 3rd best premier in the top ten cats (so I just mark the champions in the finals if needed).
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Also, cats who transfer from Opens to Champions/Premiers the second day of the show will be in the final Champion/Premier count for the show (as long as they compete in at least one ring the second day) So make sure you always note any transfers, Cleo could have earned more points than you thought!

Missymotus-- if a cat bites a judge in CFA, a judge has the option of withholding awards and disqualifying the cat from the ring. Three of these and the cat can no longer be shown. Not all bites are vicious, some are done because the cat gets too revved up from the toy and mistakes the hand for the teaser.
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Thanks Everyone,
I got your pm and will write yiou back soon.
Everyone Else,
Cleo tried to bite because the judge squeezed her and she did not like that.
My Mentor said he always does that to the sphynx.
This was a one day show and Cleo was already a Premier.
She became a Premier at the Fresno show last May.
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Cleo got 22 Grand Points.
It is on herman now.
You had it figured out right.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Cleo got 22 Grand Points.
It is on herman now.
You had it figured out right.

That's gratifying to know Especially since I wasn't there at the show and writing down show results!

One thing you CAN do at every CFA show you go to...about an hour after your first Premiership ring, or somewhere at the end of the day, go visit the Master Clerk and get the unofficial count and results. That way you will know if your count is right. Sometimes when showing, we don't really hear the Master Clerk announce the show counts.

As a Master Clerk however, I really do prefer that people don't disturb me for counts at the end of the day so what I do is have a count available on my Master Clerk table, so that I don't get disturbed Most if not all Master clerks will do that - have a copy of the count and results on his/her table so all you have to do is copy and return...make sure you do return everything back to the master clerk though!
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That is a good idea.
Did you get my PM with the info for the next show?
One of the judges made us wait until every class was judged to do the finals.
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Check the show schedule that is usually printed on the back page of the catalog. That lists out not only the judging schedule for the rings, but also when the finals will be done for that ring. The schedule is set so the cats don't get called to more than one ring at a time.
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I never knew that.
That was one of the few things I did not know yet.
One cat was in another ring when the finals were done an we had to wait.
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Congrats Cleo Good job Jacky.
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Initial judging takes precedence over finals. If a judge is ready to do finals and another judge has part of the group for initial judging, you have to wait for the finals.

The judges try to space out their judging, but you can run into each other at times. Some are faster or slower and that backs things up. I've been to shows where you wind up with 3 judges doing finals one right after the other due to uncontrollable things earlier.
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Thanks Chis.
Cleo has been called to 2 rings at once before and it was not even the finals.
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