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Poor kitties!

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I had FIFTEEN cats on my porch waiting for a meal tonight. Two I know used to have collars, don't anymore. There is one little kitten, maybe twelve weeks old is so sweet, so I know she's not feral born and she's so skinny. I started TNRing them in January, but I'm just serving now, and the humane society moved further away from me and my car is a piece of crap. I feel bad. I'm happy they have what little love they can get from me. Wish I could do more. I'm just really sad. It's depressing.
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At least they have you, sweetheart ^_^
I'm sure you'll get back to TNRing as soon as possible for you, for now all you can do is make them happy in their tummies so just keep on doing so. Bless your heart for feeding those poor babies, at least now they know someone cares about them and must feel a little more loved
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