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Need advice on further options for a cat with litterbox issues

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We have three cats. They were not terribly well-behaved to start with (the spayed female would urinate outside of the box) but since the addition of our son to the household 1.5 years ago, it's been getting worse and worse.

One of our male cats (neutered) has decided that pooping on our things is the way to show his displeasure with the new addition. He poops on the couch, our bed, the stairs, he has urinated on our bed. It's horrible.

We've tried feliway spray, cat attract litter, more litterboxes, alternate litterbox locations, cleaning the litterboxes more often, different types of litter, urinalysis at the vet, locking him out of the rooms he's done it in, etc., etc., etc. It will get better for a week, then he's right back to it. And I simply cannot afford to keep trying everything in the book.

We're starting to feel like our only options are to cage him full-time (he has never been caged other than a trip to the vet), make him an outdoor cat (he hasn't done this either other than the one night he escaped AND we have coyotes in the neighborhood), or to try to give him to another home (who wants a cat who is 10 years old and won't use the litterbox?)... At my wits end here. I can't have cat poop all over my house. I love this cat and want him to be happy, but it seems like life with a child is not for him. And, no, my child doesn't torment him. My cat just wants to be the center of attention all. the. time.

Help!! Advice, suggestions, please? And if we cage him, do we have to cage our other two cats as well?
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When cats start soiling around the house, it's a sure sign something is very wrong. Your new addition doesn't seem to be the cause, rather just made things worse. Try to remember when it started and what was happening at the time. Did they have a bad experience? Did you start a new household cleaner or garden pesticide? Were they in kennels? What about medication and vaccination? Did you start a new food? All these can cause a problem and the only way to know is to put yourself if your cats' position and try to understand what they are telling you. It may take time, but it's worth it.
And ask them, as you would a person, what's wrong and then wait for thoughts to come. You may be surprised. Good luck!
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Time for a visit to the vet to rule out any medical issues. Then, you might have to do some retraining on the litter box use.
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to me it seems like you've done everything possible to change the situation and have had your vet look for a medical cause.

Rehoming a ten year old with a litter box isue.... it simply isn't very realistic. So I'd say your best option would be to let this cat out so he can be an indoor/ outdoor cat. Hopefully the new sensations and experiences outside will be enough to ease the tention in your home and make such accidents less frequent or stop alltogether.

You have my full symphathy as this can't be an easy situation for you while all you want is the best for your guy.


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I have a cat who has had litterbox issues for all of her 12 years, so I can definitely sympathize with you! We have tried many, many things over the years, some partially successful.

However, I recently decided I had to cage her - I just couldn't deal with the peeing everywhere. I had resisted the caging idea for a long time as I didn't like the thought of restricting her to such a small space, but wouldn't you know it - she loves her cage! She is more content than I've ever seen her. She has a nice big cage right next to my desk, where I spend much of my time. I think she likes having a space she doesn't have to share with other pets, and being near me at the same time.

I let her out when I can watch her, and she is quite willing to go back in when it's time. I am amazed. So far she is being good about using the box too, although that will probably change eventually.

I just thought I would share my story to show that this *can* be a good option.
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If you do decide to resort to him being an outdoor kitty - since you have predators & at 10 years of age he has never lived outdoors - just turning him loose outdoors is worse than euthanizing him. I do suggest you looking into building an otudoor enclosure to contain him him. I just built a small/medium sized one, and the piece of mind it will provide is well worth it.
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