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Lolly and these treats!

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Some of you might remember how last week, Lolly knocked down a small bag of Greenies and ate them all, having some diarrhea. She turned out fine. The bag of Greenies didnt have a zip seal on them, they were just open at the top, I just didn't assume she would knock them down and eat them all, my own fault.

Well, the day before yesterday, I got home and found a DIFFERENT bag of treats on the floor. This one had a zip seal, which she hadn't gotten open, although there was a small (maybe 3/4" by 1/4") hole in the bag. It seemed she hadn't eaten any of the treats.

She has still been acting totally normal -- eating, drinking, peeing, pooping, playing, the whole 9 yards. This morning, she took a particularly bad smelling poop, and she isn't the best at burying her poop, so my fiance went to clean it out of the box, and saw small pieces of the treat bag in it. I hadn't even considered when I found the bag 2 days ago that she might have ingested part of it.

As I mentioned above, it was only a very small hole, and my fiance thinks there was enough pieces of it in her stool that she may have passed it all. She definitely is not suffering from a blockage -- she's going as much as ever! She's also acting normal, with no lethargy or signs of sickness.

How worried should I be? We've kept an eye on her today, and seen no further changes, so I didn't want to rush her to the emergency vet. Does she need to go to her regular vet on Monday (we've spent $1500 on vet bills in the last 3 months, so I really don't look forward to this option ), or can we forgo that, assuming she continues acting normal?

Thanks so much for your advice. Please let me know if your cat did the same thing and came out fine!
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IMO, keep a very close eye on her and know what your ER vet's phone number and location is, just in case - but, if she's acting normally, eating, pooing and peeing fine, I'd just keep monitoring closely and call my regular vet on Monday to report in and ask advice. My guy once gnawed a food bag and may have ingested a bit of the bag - that's the advice my vet gave me when I called . Yes, that meant I stayed home all Saturday night and Sunday watching, watching....

BTW, I've learned to keep treats and food in sealed containers, in an upper cabinet, with a baby lock on it.
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