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Siamese colour advice

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I'm looking after three Siamese next week (yay!) and haven't met them yet. I want to be able to tell them apart!
Can someone please tell me/illustrate what a blue point, lynx point and seal point looks like? I think I know seal point already. I'd really appreciate it!
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Seal is a dark blackish color on the ears, face, legs and tail. Blue is a greyish color. Lynx points are tabby markings on the points under the Seal, Blue, Red, etc colors.

Here's some pics of each.


Simba and Bambino are Lynx Points in the above url.
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Thank you! That's very helpful. I'll have to double check again before I meet the kitties - it would be nice to know who's who!
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Get ready...Siamese are a lot of fun.
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They were beautiful! I had no trouble telling them apart as they were all quite different, and one was a girl. Love their vocal, curious natures.
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So when will you be adopting your new Siamese????
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