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Pixel's left eye leaks!

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Once and a while her left eye will leak as if she is crying, I wipe it away and it doesn't happen again for a week or so, any ideas?
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What does the fluid look like? Is she a persian kitty? Their eyes tend to leak a bit.
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Maybe I can ask this question here if you dont mind.

Zoey gets eye boogers. All the time. When I brought her home from the shelter she had a little cold.. and she was sneezing with eye boogers for about a week or so. (Vet said it was a mild cold, should go away by itself). Well she stopped sneezing but every day (almost) I have to wipe her eyes with my fingers cuz she gets little white gooey boogers, kind of like a humans when we wake up in the morning. Its not green or mucusy, her nose is not running, she has no other symptoms at all whatsoever. Its not a lot, just a bit in each eye maybe once a day or once every two days.

She is in perfect health, eats and drinks fine, uses her litterbox fine, very active and happy.. just wondering if anyone else's cat has eye boogers too.
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With one runny eye, and if it's clear, it may just be minor irritation such as dust.
Cats that have discharge on a regular basis could have a few things. The crusty stuff just means that it has dried. Kittens who have been exposed to upper resperitory infections while young, can have a constant problem with discharge. Most of the time it's caused by the herpes virus. Usually eye ointment when it acts up will take care of it. Sometimes it can be caused by allergies. Cats can have allergies to chemicals and dust just like us. It can cause runny eyes as well. Either case, your vet can give you eye drops or ointment for the cause
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Niko's eye does that a lot too, and it was one of the first questions I had asked the vet about. (that and Niko's saggy belly!). The vet told me that it was a normal thing and nothing to worry about.

...of course this is the same vet that suggested that I get Feline Leaukemia shots for an indoor only cat and pay $125 for it...
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Yeah someone else had suggested Zoey maybe had allergies or something. I'd rather just wipe her eyes than use ointment though. It's not too big of a problem.
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