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Switching food, her stool stinks too much!!

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I feed pixel Wiskas now because it is cheap. I noticed when she goes to the litter and poos it stinks the whole house up. If I switch food will it help that?

Also, I want a food that is good for her but not sure if I can afford the most expensive. Iams may be in the budget, is Iams good enough to help her, or should I stick with Wiskas?
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The type of food she's eating will most definitely affect the odor she produces. Think of what happens when a human eats chili, or eggs, or onions...

Wiskas is the equivalent of a big mac and fries for cats, they love it cause it tastes great, but it's far from the best nutritionally. You ideally want to feed her something where the top 4 ingredients are meat-based. There are a lot of threads on here where different brands are compared.

We feed our cats Nutro, which is not incredibly expensive, and is good for them nutritionally. I personally wouldn't feed Iams or Eukanuaba for reasons I can't really go into detail on here. Of the "store brands", Purina One is probably the healthiest.
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Right Whiskas is the junk food for kitties. You want to give them something much more substaining than that. Purina Cat Chow would be one you could go to but regardless of what you switch it to, you have to do it gradually or your kitties may get sick and develop other problems.
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I would recommend going to a "premium" all natural dry cat food. In the lower price range, I would go with either Solid Gold, or a newer product that is catching rave reviews over at another cat forum that I also visit frequently is called Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul. It has 4 protein sources. They would have to be bought at a good quality pet or feed store. The Chicken Soup can be bought in 2 pound trial bags for about $2.00. I use both foods, and my 3 cats are happy campers. The cats will eat less, and poop alot less because there are no cheap fillers in it like corn. No stool odor problems in my house.
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We tried the Chicken Soup food, our kitties LOVED it! Unfortunately, no one around here sells it. We'd have to order it online, and the shipping costs are pretty high.

If you can find it near you, I do recommend it, it is a very healthy food, not all that expensive, and my cats just devoured it!
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If you go to the web site chickensoupforthecatloverssoul.com and recommend a store in your area that you would like to carry their food, the sales rep usually will email you back offering you a "free" 6 pound bag shipped to your door. I heard of a few people doing so and getting the tasty freebee. It is worth a try, and you just may get a store near you to carry it.
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